Highway Maintenance Policies and Strategies

City of Doncaster Council highways maintenance policies and strategies.

Highways Asset Management Policy and Strategy

Asset management is a strategic approach that identifies the optimal allocation of resources for the management, operation, preservation and enhancement of the highway infrastructure to meet the needs of current and future customers.

This is an overarching document which is applied to the core highways infrastructure asset groups of:-

  • Carriageways and Footways
  • Bridges, Retaining Walls and Other Highways structures
  • Flood Risk and Drainage
  • Street Lighting
  • Traffic Signals

for which service levels, desired outcomes, investment priority and future demands are considered.

Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Policy Strategy 2019
Download (2.13MB - PDF)
Appendix A - Highway Asset Maintenance Communications Strategy
Download (584KB - PDF)

Highway Safety Inspection and Definition of a Pothole

Doncaster Council’s Highway Safety Inspection Policy outlines the principles in developing the inspection regime, whilst Doncaster Council’s Highway Pothole Policy outlines the definition of a pothole, and how they are categorised within the adopted highway.

City of Doncaster Council - Highway Inspection Policy - v 01.05 Jan 2024
Download (3.33MB - PDF)
City of Doncaster Council - Highway Pothole Policy - v 01.05 Jan 2024
Download (260KB - PDF)

Skidding Resistance

Doncaster Council’s Highway Skidding Resistance Policy outlines the principles in the management of appropriate levels of skidding resistance on the classified highway network in Doncaster.

Doncaster Council - Skidding Resistance Policy
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Winter Services

View our winter services policy below and find out about resources we have available to tackle severe winter weather.

Winter Service Policy 2023-24
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Doncaster Resilient Network

A Resilient Network, is a key recommendation in the Department for Transport (DfT) Transport Resilience Review. The review was published in response to extreme winter weather in 2013 and 2014 which tested the resilience of the nation’s transport network.

The recommendation stated “Each Local Highway Authority should make a start in identifying a 'resilient network' to which it will give priority through maintenance and other measures in order to maintain economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather”.

Doncaster’s Resilient Network is formed of the minimum road network which cannot be done without for a time and will allow for continued economic activity and connectivity. The plan below outlines how the Resilient Network will be managed and implemented moving forward.

The current Resilient Network for Doncaster will be reviewed biennially or following a highway incident with major impacts; the next review is scheduled to take place in April 2026.

Resilient Network Plan V2
Download (470KB - PDF)


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