A6023 Flyover Demolition – Greens Way, Mexborough

The Greens Way flyover bridge over the A6023 in Mexborough has been demolished.

This came following the advice of bridge engineers, who issued safety guidance due to the structure’s continued deteriorating condition.

The flyover which was constructed in 1968 served the town for well over half a century but was deemed to pose a risk to the safety of pedestrians and motorists was therefore demolished as a matter of urgency.

The removal of the bridge was agreed by local ward councillors and Doncaster Council representatives who saw it as the only feasible option remaining.

What the scheme involves

The demolition of the Greens Way flyover scheme includes:

  • Accommodation works to retain access to the businesses south of Greens Way during the demolition works.
  • Installation of protection to prevent damage to the road surfacing of Greens Way during the demolition works.
  • Demolition of the centre span of the bridge.
  • Demolition of the bridge abutments.
  • Removal of all spoil created.
  • Removal of the road protection.
  • Regrading of the embankments, topsoil and seed.
  • As part of the works, there will be pedestrian access improvements made. These include pathway resurfacing, increased lighting and the installation of a pedestrian safety barrier / guard rail. 

Next Steps

How long will it take to decide on an alternative?
The Public Transport study will inform the masterplan proposals on how to improve access into the town centre, including better linking the railway station, proposals for a new bus interchange and how to provide more active travel opportunities.

When will the Masterplan be ready for further consultation with residents and businesses?
Following the Transport study, the masterplan proposals will be tweaked to take into consideration the findings of the study before going out to consultation. The issues in relation to the flyover and the multi-story car park has caused the significant delay to the masterplan, but it also provides opportunities to look at town centre access without the flyover and how the town centre can be better linked and fit for the future.


Was the flyover maintained sufficiently?

All the bridges in Doncaster are inspected every two years as part of our regular inspection, service and maintenance schedule. When the Mexborough Flyover was inspected in May 2021 there were serious structural defects detected which is why it was closed to vehicular traffic in order to enable a full structural survey to be undertaken and options to be drawn up for its future.

If it needs to be demolished urgently for safety, why were motorists still able to drive under it and why were pedestrians able to walk under and over it?

The inspection of the flyover in May 2021 and monthly inspections since have assessed that it is still safe to walk over and under and drive under but it is the weight and movement of vehicles on top of the flyover that would pose the risk, hence why it has been closed to vehicular traffic since May.

When was the decision on the future of the flyover made?

The decision to demolish the flyover was made at an informal meeting with ward members, Mayor Ros, highways engineers and other council officials on Wednesday 9 February 2022.

When did the flyover get demolished and how long did it take?

The demolition of the flyover started on Friday 22 April and took 12 working days. It was reopened to vehicles on Wednesday 4 May in conjunction with contractors Demex.
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