Executive Director of Corporate Resources

Details of who's who and areas of responsibility.

Debbie Hogg - Executive Director of Corporate Resources

Debbie Hogg - Director of Corporate Resources

Scott Fawcus - Service Director of Legal and Democratic Services


Areas of responsibility include:

  • legal services
  • democratic services
  • overview and scrutiny support
  • elections
  • civic services
  • standards committee
  • monitoring officer
  • partnership coordination
  • registrars
  • procurement

Faye Tyas - Chief Financial Officer and Service Director of Finance and Technology

   Faye Tyas

Areas of responsibility include:

  • MTFS
  • financial services
  • internal audit (the post holder will be accountable directly to the S151 officer)
  • revenues and benefits
  • support to management of major contracts
  • asset register
  • InPress
  • transport services/fleet management
  • schools catering
  • Metro Clean
  • cemeteries and crematoria
  • pest control
  • ICT strategy
  • ICT systems and services

For further information, please contact us: 

  • tel: 01302 736907
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