Educating your child at home

Parents have a responsibility to make sure that their child is educated. Most children attend school for their education, but parents have the right to educate their child at home (homeschooling), called elective home education (EHE).

Most parents choose to send their children to school to be educated, but you are legally entitled to educate your child at home:

  • you don't have to be a teacher, operate to a timetable or follow the national curriculum (although you can if you wish)
  • if your child has never been to school or you are new to the area you don't have to inform the local authority
  • if your child is registered at a school or an academy - you must send a letter to the headteacher informing them that you wish to educate your child at home
  • the local authority will then contact you to ask for some basic information


For full details of the procedures for educating your child at home please view the following document:

Elective Home Education Procedures
Download (296KB)

Please note:

  • where a child is registered at a school or an academy as a result of a School Attendance Order, parents must ask the local authority to revoke the order
  • where a child is placed at a special school under arrangements made by the local authority, we will ask the school to remove the child from the school register upon receipt of the necessary confirmation of contact details and educational provision

If you would like to talk to our Elective Home Education Officer about your decision to Home Educate, or you would like any further support and advice about any information on this site please contact the Attendance & Pupil Welfare Service on 01302 736504 or email


For frequently asked questions about home education/home schooling view the:


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