Admission Arrangements and Policies

Documents below for admission arrangements for 2018/19 and 2019/20




Publication Information Information on the published arrangements is given below




Further Information

Queries about the arrangements can be directed as follows:-

i) Voluntary Aided primary schools - the Governing Body of the school

ii) Academies - the Governing Body/Trustee's of the Academy

iii) Community Schools, Co-ordination or Catchment Areas - Doncaster Council, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU or by telephoning 01302 737202 Objections to the arrangements may be submitted to the Schools Adjudicator up to 30 June 2016.

Further information is available on:

Policies and Documents

These can be found in the Downloads and Resources area on this page




Publication Information Information relating to consultation on the Admission Arrangements and Policies is given below















Further Information

Community Schools

 The School Admissions Code 2014 states that the proposed admission arrangements must be available on the website for the duration of the consultation period.

The consultation period ends on 31st January 2018

The consultation invites you to give your views about the proposed admission arrangements for community schools in Doncaster.

Anyone can comment on the proposed arrangements.  If you wish to respond you can do this by emailing during the consultation period.


Admission Authorities

Doncaster Council is responsible for the admission arrangements of all community schools. 

Academies, Foundation, Studio, Trust, Free Schools, and Voluntary Aided schools are their own admission authorities. 

This year we have seen the academisation or more community schools in Doncaster but in general they continue to follow the Local Authority community school admission arrangements. 


Admission Arrangements for Non-Community Schools

These schools are responsible for their own admission arrangements and also have to consult on these arrangements at least once every 7 years or sooner if there are to be any changes. 

Green Top and Tickhill St Mary’s (CE) Primary and Nursery School are currently consulting on proposed changes to their admission arrangements and these are also attached for your comment.  You can respond by emailing or by visiting the school’s own website. 



 Further information is available on:

Policies and Documents

These can be found in the Downloads and Resources area on this page


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