How do I apply for planning permission?

In order to build a new building or make changes to an existing one, you may need to request planning permission.

The easiest way to apply for planning permission is online via the national Planning Portal. Via the online Portal you can complete the form, attach all your documents and pay.

Do it online

The benefits of applying for planning permission online via the Planning Portal include:

  • immediate delivery of your application and email notification of receipt;
  • savings on postage and printing costs - no paper copies are required;
  • online help function available when completing applications;
  • online record of your completed applications;
  • online payment by Debit or Credit Card.

Before you apply you may want to:

Paper application forms

If you cannot or don’t want to complete the form online, you can download and print off a paper form from the Planning Portal. You can then complete and send this to us.

Householder Guidance

The householder guidance provides applicants with a step by step guide as to what information is required when submitting an application to extend a domestic property. The guide also provides examples of the required plans and explanations as to why the information needs to be submitted.

Householder Guidance (Updated May 2018)
Download (513KB - PDF)

Location plan/site plan

You can purchase paper or electronic plans by contacting: 

Contamination screening assessment form

To aid applicants YALPAC (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Pollution Advisory Council; a forum of the region's local authorities) has published a document entitled 'Development on land affected by contamination. Technical guidance for developers, landowners and consultants'.

It is recognised that for the development of an individual residential property (i.e. one house in a garden) a full phase 1-4 can be inappropriate. Therefore within appendix 2 of the Technical Guidance is a screening assessment form that can be used as a basic contamination assessment and fulfils the requirements of the 'Existing Use' section of the planning application.

Development on Contaminated Land

Householder enquiry form

The enquiry form attached below relates only to extensions/buildings which are for domestic use.

The information gathered will aid a planning officer in deciding whether or not a planning application is required for your proposal.

Please note the fee will increase on the 1st April 2019 to £32.50 including VAT. 

Householder form (April 2019)
Download (742KB - PDF)

Planning Fees 

Under the relevant legislation, fees are payable to the council for applications for planning permission and approval of reserved matters:

Planning application information requirements

There is a growing expectation that the development control service will consider a wider range of issues and consult more effectively with an increasingly interested community. At the same time, planning authorities are expected to be able to offer greater certainty to developers about what might be expected of them when they submit applications and to be able to deliver decisions on time.

The purpose of this checklist is to provide clear guidance on the form and content of information required for the submission of planning applications. By providing checklists on the scope and extent of the information required, applicants should be more aware of their responsibilities and the public and decision makers will be better informed about the development proposals leading to a more open, accessible and efficient service.

The Part One Checklist sets out the mandatory information requirements by different planning application types.

The Part Two Checklist sets out the additional information that Doncaster Council will require from applicants. This is arranged by information type, thresholds for its requirement and a general explanation of the issues that will need to be addressed. Where appropriate, each section is cross-referenced to link to further helpful guidance.

Parts One and Two are included in the document below - 

Planning Application Information Requirements and Validation Checklist - Reviewed Nov 2018
Download (924KB - PDF)

Part Three checklist has been prepared for various application types (e.g. householder, listed building consent, consent to display advertisements etc) and will summarise the requirements of Checklist One and Two for the identified type.

These can be found to the right of the page under Downloads & Resources. 

Prior notification of demolition

Application forms for Prior Notifications of Demolition can be submitted online via the 

alternatively the form can be downloaded from the

Along with the form, correct fee and site location plan, a copy of the site notice that the applicant has displayed on site, including a photograph showing the site notice in situ is also required.

Doncaster Council has produced a standard Prior Approval for Demolition Site Notice template for applicants to complete and display. 

Prior Approval for Demolition Site Notice Template

Download (13KB)

Prior Approval 

Application forms for Prior Approval applications can be downloaded using the link below. At present you are unable to submit online. 

Planning Portal Paper Form

More information

S106 App Form to modify or discharge
Download (298KB - DOC)

Privacy Notice
The Council is committed to meeting its data protection obligations and handling your information securely. You should make sure you read and understand the Planning Services privacy notice, which sets out what you need to know about how Doncaster Council will use your information in the course of our work as a Local Planning Authority.



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