We Support Our Mums is a local scheme that supports mums to breastfeed out and about in Doncaster.

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We know mums have the legal right to breastfeed anywhere (2010 Equality Act) but many do not feel confident in doing so. Our scheme aims to make it easier for breastfeeding mums to recognise where they will be welcomed to breastfeed their babies whilst out and about in Doncaster.  Venues across Doncaster including cafes, restaurants, libraries and leisure centres are all showing their support to this scheme.   These are places, where a mum can be assured that staff will be supportive of breastfeeding. 

For more information about your rights to breastfeed in public visit the Maternity Action website.   

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How do I find a We Support Our Mums Venue?

All our of venues will display a window sticker with the We Support our Mums logo, this way you will easily know which venues are part of the scheme.

Some of our venues have completed staff training to become a We Support our Mums Champion.  Champions can be easily identified, as they will be wearing the We Support Our Mums Champion badge.  

You can find a venue local to you by either searching our members map for a venue in your area or by downloading a copy of the venue directory from the downloads and resources section.

Can I leave a review about one of your venues?

Yes, we would love to hear about your experiences when visiting one of our We Support our Mums venues.

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Please note:  only positive reviews are published on this site, any feedback you give for improvement will be forwarded to the venue.

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What's in it for us?

There are many benefits to signing up to We Support Our Mums.

  • It makes a real improvement to customer/client service – training staff to be welcoming and helpful to a breastfeeding mum encourages them to be more welcoming, supportive and considerate to all customers. The boost to customer satisfaction and loyalty this creates can only be good for business
  • It can attract a new customer/client base – new mums will make special efforts to get to know other women in their situation. When they find a place that welcomes them to feed their babies, they pass on the good news and customer numbers grow as a result. 
  • It can improve your image and get you free publicity – when venues choose to welcome breastfeeding mums, they are making a positive contribution to public health, as well as demonstrating they are not motivated solely by profit. Businesses that sign up to We Support Our Mums will get publicity from being listed in our directory, and also from word of mouth recommendations between families.
  • It’s free to sign up to and you can get these benefits without having to spend a lot of money – the two most important factors mums appreciate most when breastfeeding out and about are a welcoming atmosphere and supportive staff. 

 How do I sign up?

To sign up to We Support Our Mums, you must read the attached business charter, and complete the attached We Support Our Mums pledge form and agree to:

  • Meet the criteria on the venue checklist
  • Implement a breastfeeding policy
  • Display the promotional materials provided (once your venue has been approved)

Once you are signed up, your venue will be added to our venue directory. In addition to the three points above, if any of your staff access the breastfeeding awareness training they will become We Support Our Mums champions and will be recognised within our directory.

By completing the form below you are signing up to the We Support Our Mums business charter and pledging your support to breastfeeding mums in Doncaster and the surrounding areas by agreeing to the following points:

  • Babies can be breastfed in any public area of the venue
  • A breastfeeding mum will not be asked to move to another area or stop breastfeeding
  • All members of staff will be made aware of the scheme and the breastfeeding policy and are supportive to the needs of breastfeeding mothers
  • The public will be made aware that the venue is part of the scheme through clearly displaying the promotional material provided
  • The venue agrees to be reviewed by local breastfeeding mums
  • The venue understands that some women prefer privacy when feeding and will do all they can to help them
  • The venue will respond sensitively if inappropriate comments are made about breastfeeding in their venue
  • The venue will ensure their own staff are supported if breastfeeding while in employment

All venues will be added to the We Support Our Mums directory below


We Support Our Mums pledge 


Further information

If you have any questions or comments about We support Our Mums, please complete the:

general enquiry form



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