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Alcohol, tobacco, illicit drug use and sexual risk taking are among the major problems affecting the health and wellbeing of young adults in England.

Advice for young people


  • it is recommended that you don’t drink at all if under the age of 15, as this is harmful
  • the best advice is not to drink alcohol until you’re 18
  • if you do choose to drink before then, remember to make sure you’re with a responsible adult who will stop you doing anything that could be dangerous


  • there are always risks involved taking any kind of drug
  • even taking prescribed drugs from your doctor or bought in shops can have side effects which should be explained to you
  • illegal drugs may be mixed with other substances and you never know exactly how they will affect you
  • if you are unsure or worried about anything, you might feel better to talk to someone about it

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  • if you don't smoke but are thinking of starting then please don’t: smoking causes too much damage to your health not to mention the fact that it shortens your life expectancy
  • if you are currently smoking then the best advice is to quit - we know that this is a hard thing to do as smoking is extremely addictive - it can often take more than one attempt to do so but those who do give up are thankful that they did

Get some help to quit smoking by:

Sexual activity:

  • many young people engage in unprotected sex that can result in unintended health outcomes
  • sexual risk behaviours can place young people at risk of unintended pregnancies, HIV infection, other Sexually Transmitted Diseases such Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis

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