The Wellbeing Team was created on the principal of ensuring that all residents of Doncaster have access to support, guidance and advice about problems and issues they may be experiencing, and to also maximise the individuals independence within the community regardless of any medical condition, physical disability, or mental health difficulty.

The Team may be able to support you directly, or signpost you to other support agencies in the area.

  • Housing – Looking for guidance on housing issues? The Well Being Officers are able to complete some minor adaptations to properties, but also at the same time signpost you to other organisations who may be able to help you manage a tenancy; whether that be a private arrangement or a St Leger Homes Property.
  • Finances – Money worries? The Well Being Officers have up-to-date information and contacts for support organisations in the borough that may be able to help you manage any debt problems, or even help you apply for the correct benefits to maximise your income.
  • Social – Are you or someone you know feeling isolated? It’s common for people to feel isolated at certain periods in their life, sometimes even if they’ve lived in a an area for a long time. Friends or neighbours may have moved away, or even family. If that’s the case, than the Well Being Officers may be able to help. Each region of Doncaster has a Well Being Officer who knows the area well, and can signpost, or even support you to attend, a whole range of community groups (eg. coffee mornings, bingo groups, walking groups, chair based exercise to name a few)
  • Independence – Have a concern about how a friend or relative is managing their day to day tasks? Then the Well Being Officer might be able to help. The role is there to build a package of support unique to that individual to ensure they can stay independent for as long as possible in their own home. However, sometimes you may need additional services but are not sure where to go. We work very closely with meal delivery companies, HomeCare agencies, and also the Council's own Adult Social Care Teams.
  • Carers – Do you care for a friend or loved one? There are various options of support for Carers, and the Well Being Officer can help you access it. They are able to guide you through DMBC’s carers offer, and support you to access expert carer advice from some of the agencies working in the borough.
  • Group Support – Are you a member of a community group and looking to expand what your group has to offer? The Well Being Officers can support your groups to obtain funding. We can help groups apply for both the SEED Fund and also Helping Hands Grant , but can also signpost to other organisations who can provide further funding support. For information about any of these funding opportunities please contact us for an application form.

For any further information please contact us:

Tel : 01302 735553

Email: wellbeing@doncaster.gov.uk 

Follow us on twitter - @WBDoncaster

Last updated: 13 December 2016 13:51:35