If any individual or organisation is breaking the law on public health nuisances, water supplies, animal licensing or you suspect defects in drainage systems, private sewers or private drains you can make a report to us.

Report an issue

To make a report to us, please fill out the following form.

For the types of issues you can report to us, and what we will do, read on.

What you can report to us

Public health nuisances

  • noise 
  • smells 
  • dumped rubbish                  

Water supplies

  • mains water supply problems 
  • private water supplies 
  • water used for leisure purposes e.g. swimming pools                  

Animal licensing

  • animal boarding establishments 
  • pet shops 
  • dog breeding kennels 
  • dangerous or wild animals                  

Or you suspect defects in 

  • drainage systems 
  • private sewers 
  • private drains                   

What happens after you report something

We will

  • take action with the offender to remove the nuisance
  • remove the problem and charge the cost to the offender                  

The team will

  • investigate your complaint (some drainage investigations are chargeable)
  • advise whether the nuisance is illegal     

Providing the nuisance is illegal we will

  • take action with the offender to remove the nuisance
  • remove the problem and charge the cost to the offender    

While we are dealing with you

We will: 

  • deal with you in a fair, courteous, impartial and confidential way
  • provide high level expertise (consistent with our resources)
  • respond to service requests within the times shown above
  • provide you with the name of the person dealing with your complaint and how to contact them
  • produce identification when visiting your home
  • explain how the system works and tell you when things will happen
  • keep you informed of progress and any delays
  • answer telephone calls within 5 rings
  • respond to postal or e-mail enquiries within 7 days
  • tell you why when we cannot resolve a problem      

When you contact us

  • make sure you give your name, address and telephone number (e-mail if applicable)
  • keep appointments made and ensure safe access for our people
  • be prepared to make a written statement, where necessary, and, if needed, appear in court
  • co-operate with our staff and behave in the same way that you are treated
  • aggressive behaviour will only delay solving your problem             

If we get it wrong

Sometimes things go wrong. If you are dissatisfied with the service we have given you then contact the Team Leader on 01302 737535.

If you are still not satisfied and want to use the formal complaints procedure please contact us: 

The Environmental Health Team exists to help you stop possible health hazards in your environment.

Last updated: 05 April 2024 11:00:33

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