Domestic Homicide Reviews

In April 2011 Community Safety Partnerships became responsible for carrying out Domestic Homicide Reviews in respect of any death occurring as a result of domestic violence and abuse.

In Doncaster there have been 6 such deaths since 2011 and as a result we have completed 4 reviews and are currently undertaking a further 2.

The aim of these reviews is to examine the circumstances leading up to the death, and establish whether there are any lessons to be learned for agencies involved in responding to domestic abuse.
The reports attached are the Overview Reports into each completed case, which have been redacted to remove personal details which are not already in the public domain. Each one has an Action Plan at the end, and this has been updated to show the progress made to date on implementing the recommendations.

These reports have been submitted to the Home Office for approval and have been approved for wider publication

The Safer Stronger Doncaster Partnership commissioned an independent Chair and Report Writer in each case, to ensure impartiality and neither of the authors has any connection with local services.
All reports have benefited greatly from the involvement of the families, and their frank and honest accounts have contributed to the recommendations. The Report Authors and the Partnership would like to express their sincere thanks to the family members who participated in the Reviews, at such a difficult time in their lives. We hope that they can see that their views were valued and acted upon in both the reports.

The Reviews also coincided with the development of our new Domestic Abuse Strategy which we hope will lead to earlier identification of domestic abuse, and to families knowing where and how to seek help before it becomes serious.

If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic abuse, please see our website

Last updated: 21 July 2017 14:07:25