Financial Assessments for Care and Support

Financial assessments take place to gather the financial and personal details necessary to work out if you need to contribute towards any social care charges.

During a financial assessment, we look at your income to work out if you need to contribute towards the cost of your care. This income includes:

  • pensions and any state benefits you receive
  • any other assets you may own

At the same time you are offered a welfare benefits check to make sure you are receiving all the money you are entitled to.

After all your details have been collected and assessed, you will be told at the visit how much you need to contribute towards the cost of your care.

Most people will be expected to pay something towards the costs of their accommodation and personal care from their income and capital. If the local authority is involved in arranging your placement, the amount you will have to pay will be worked out using national guidelines.

For more information, including the opportunity to answer 4 simple questions and find out how much you can expect to pay, and for how long under the proposed care cap model visit or to use a handy tool made by the BBC visit their care cost calculator. 

See our fact sheet for more information about:

  • our billing and income collection process
  • financial assessments and your personal budget
  • financial assessments for residential care
  • treatment of property for financial assessments 
  • our fairer charging policy for non-residential care services
Financial Assessments fact sheet
Download (351KB - PDF)

Please contact us if you want to discuss payment of your bill or if you have not received one: 

When will I receive my first bill?

You will get your first bill shortly after you receive the financial assessment. Bills are sent on a four-weekly basis, so you will receive thirteen bills per year. To find out ways to pay visit:

What should I do if my financial circumstances change?

If there is any change to the level of income or capital of the person in care, you should tell us. You will be asked to provide proof of this change. If you collect the benefits yourself, you must also tell the Department for Work and Pensions.

What happens when I receive a new financial assessment?

A financial assessment will be issued to reflect any change in income and capital. When you receive your assessment, you will also receive an adjusted bill.

Useful contact numbers

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