Re-registering a birth

Re-registering usually takes place because:

  • the parents married after the child’s birth
  • the child was originally registered without father’s details, and both parents have since decided they would like them included

Both mother and father usually need to be present to re-register the birth if the father’s details are being added. Either parent can attend to re-register the child if are doing so because they married after the child was born.

When you come to re-register, you will need to bring:

Less common reasons for re-registering are:

  • to change your child's first name
  • to correct a mistake in the original registration

You can change a child's first name at any time providing a new name was given in baptism or by regular use within 12 months of the birth being registered.

  • if your child was baptised in a Christian church, the vicar needs to complete the relevant form
  • if not, you need to complete this form (which can be obtained from the Register Office)

Send the relevant form to us. If you no longer live in Doncaster, contact your local register office and ask about re-registration by declaration.

A full copy certificate will contain both the original name and the new name. The short version certificate will only record your child's amended forename(s).

If you spot a mistake in the original birth registration the person who registered the birth needs to prove that an error exists. Correction of any mistake may incur a charge of £90.

If the error was spotted within 14 days, write a letter to our registry office stating what the error is and how it was made. If there has been a longer time gap, you will also need to provide documentary proof that you are bringing up the child in a different name. This evidence needs to be from earliest infancy and could be in the form of a clinic card, NHS medical card or bank book.

Your letter, and any documentary evidence where applicable, will then be submitted to the Registrar General's office for consideration.

For further information, please contact us: 

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