Bereaved relatives remember their friends and family in a variety of ways with messages, memorabilia or ornaments.

You have the right to place a memorial on your grave or plot. However, this must be within the constraints of cemetery regulations. Alternatively you can leave the grave unmarked. You have a responsibility to maintain the memorial upon the grave during the period of grave rights granted to you. The memorial cannot be disturbed or moved during this period, without your permission, unless it poses a safety hazard. If a safety hazard is identified and remains uncorrected, we will take action.

We appreciate that this is a sensitive and emotional time for you. As well as considering your individual feelings, we also must be sensitive to the wishes of all our visitors and keep the cemetery grounds safe and appropriate places for everyone.

Our aim is to create a tranquil, respectful place where people can visit and feel comforted by the surroundings and where they can experience a period of personal reflection and private contemplation.

With this in mind, we respectfully ask that memorabilia is placed within the confines of the headstone base or within a kerb surround:

  • 213 cm (8ft) long and 91 cm (3ft) wide for adult graves 
  • 152 cm (5ft) long and 91 cm (3ft) wide for children

Please be aware that:

  • items on metal stakes, sticks or hooks need to be placed in the flower container provided, and must not exceed 12 inches in height
  • no items made of glass or ceramic are permitted
  • home-made kerbs are permitted*, but they must be level with the ground and must be no larger than the dimensions above

*No kerbs of any kind are permitted within Rose Hill Crematorium grounds.

We will remove any items found in breech of the regulations.

Also, to comply with legislation, all headstones/memorials need to have a ground anchor and must be fitted by an approved stonemason.

For further information, please contact us:



Last updated: 20 December 2016 11:31:31