Coronial Team

The Coroners Officers, on behalf of the Coroner, obtain and record details of all unexpected, unnatural and violent deaths, reported from various informants. They liaise with interested parties, organise Post Mortem examinations and inform parties of the results. Prepare and issue relevant documents to allow families to get on with their registration and funeral ceremonies. Where required, the Coroners Officer will open investigations including inquests ensuring appropriate documentation is completed.

The Coroners officers also conduct identified lines of enquiries, obtaining reports and statements from witnesses, clinicians and outside agencies.  Coroners’ officers prepare files for Court, warn identified witnesses of attendance at Court and running Coronial Court hearings.  Ancillary duties include dealing with Pathological samples, carrying out identification procedures liaising with foreign Governmental Departments, Advocates and family representative.  

Coroners Officers

Ron Sneddon
Gulshan Akram
Sarah Grainger
David Wade
Elizabeth Rudd
Siobhan Golightly

David Copley - Court Listings Officer  

Coroners Office Manager and Team

Joanne Peacock Coroners Office Manager
Tracy Irwin – Coroner Support Assistant
Jo Heald - Coroner Support Assistant
Tracey Booker – Court Officer

The Coroners admin team headed by The Coroners Office Manager ensures the day to day running of the office and production of statutory paperwork. Also provide support to the Senior Coroner and her team of Assistant Coroners and Coroners officers. Our Court Officer, Tracey Booker manages the courtroom of the Coroner, meets and greets court attendees and provides assistance to the Coroner in court.

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