Cemetery and crematorium price list

This page features the current costs and fees for burials and cremations in Doncaster for the period 1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018.


adult grave (fifty years) £987
adult grave (seventy five years) £1268
pre-purchase grave - 10 yrs £563
interment fee  £905
extra depth (two people) +£210
extra depth (three people) +£410
turning up late to schedule burial (fifteen minutes late) £67
wooden or plastic liner for grave £1000


Child burial 

grave (fifty years) £440
grave (seventy five years) £585
interment fee  £145
child interment adult grave £370
cremated remains in cremated remains plot or existing grave £115


Public burial 

interment of adult public grave £925
interment of child (up to sixteen) public grave £330
interment of non-viable foetus (NVF) in public grave £205


Cremated remains plot (cemetery)

fifty years £496
seventy five years  £721
interment of remains £236
pre-purchase plot - 10 yrs £286
premium plot  £60


Miscellaneous burials

duplicate grave deed £37
exhumation charge for cremated remains £282
late burial or cremation paperwork fee £67
incorrect coffin sizes £30
no show charge for appointments made for burial of remains or scattering £67
premium plot (end of row/front row) £125
strewing of cremated remains on graves  £36
swipe card/key- blue badge holders £15
transfer of ownership of graves/plots £41
use of chapel (thirty minutes) £100
use of chapel for services not taking place in out cemeteries or crematorium £261



additional inscription £60
child's headstone £75
child's kerb set £105
cremated remains tablet £98
headstone £215
double headstone (placed over two graves) £420 (+£215 for three grave coverage)
kerb set £164
double kerb set (placed over two graves) £300 (+£164 for three grave coverage)
removal and disposal of headstone/plaque £57
removal of cremated remains tablet £67
removal of headstone prior to interment £184
removal of kerb prior to interment £246
replacement headstone £31
vase £31



adult full service charge including medical referee (forty minute service) £715
adult committal service charge including medical referee (twenty minute service) £680
additional chapel time (twenty minutes) £255
non viable foetus (NVF) samples and body parts £190



baby containers (small cardboard) £6
bronze urns £57
children's decorated container tubes £13
children's velvet bags £8
decorated container tubes £31
environmental containers (cardboard) £16
exhumation casket £113
metal flower vase for cremated remains plots £15
plastic containers £31
velvet bags £16
wooden caskets (35cm x 25cm) £67


Miscellaneous cremations 

bearers for cremation £36
cancellation of cremation (two days or less notice) £113
certificate of cremation £21
consultation and help with completing cremation forms for independent funerals £200
jewellery for cremated remains/special order containers price on application 
organ fee £12
over running on cremation time £62
recording of cremation service £46
removal of flowers to cemetery site £31
scattering appointment  £46
scattering remains from elsewhere £87


cremated remains plots (crematorium)

crematorium plots (thirty years) £435
interment of cremated remains £236
standard black granite wedge/memorial granite stone £409
small black granite plaque or York stone plaque £282
photo plaques single/double £154
motifs on plaques £108
re-gilding fee £31
additional lettering on plaques, wedges, York stone £1.50 per letter
exclusive right sanctums £1028
additional lettering and placement into sanctum £476
premium plot charge (end plots/front row) £60


Rose trees/ shrubs (five year lease)

rose tree £220
rose shrub/miniature shrub £128
label allowing four line inscription £36
additional labels £35
Replacement Bronze or Granite Tablet £133


Ormamental trees (ten year lease)

with bronze or granite tablet £563
additional tablet £185


Bronze tablets (ten year lease)

tablet (path/kerb) £205
replacement tablet (including on ornamental trees) £85
reservation fee £41


Flower room/Book of Remembrance room (one year lease)

swipe card for flower room £11
vase £62


Memorial granite vases (ten year lease)

path side £532


Memorial seats (ten year lease)

Poly wood seats 5ft with standard plaque £1320
Poly Wood 5ft with larger plaque £1340
Poly Wood 4ft with standard plaque £1175
Additional standard plaque £77
Design on Plaques £41
Renewal Granite, which include one plaque with arms:-  £950 without arms :-  £850 Oval Bench :- £750 :- Additional Plaques £100  
Additional plaque 2.5 x 6" £97


Memorial hand/mushroom (ten year lease)

small plaque £190
medium plaque £235
large plaque £265
family mushroom memorial £547
Barbican plaque £405
scatter/monument and  seat plaque £405
additional lettering on existing plaque £51
tablet on shared mushroom £179


Book of Remembrance 

inscription price per line £36
badges  £72
coat of arms  £87
miniature book (two line entry) £87
miniature card (two line entry) £52
extra lines per entry in books and cards £21


Genealogy searches

per person £25


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