Local Assistance Scheme

The Local Assistance Scheme is designed to help the most vulnerable residents in meeting their need for support or to help people cope with special difficulties.

The scheme can help:

  • in an emergency
  • in a disaster
  • where there is serious risk to the person or their families’ health and safety
  • people returning to the community after being in care
  • people to stay in their own home rather than going into care
  • those leaving prison/young offender establishment
  • with easing exceptional pressure
  • pay for certain travel expenses, such as visiting someone who is ill or going to a family funeral

Who may qualify?

Eligibility criteria include:

  • receipt of qualifying benefit (Job seekers, Pension Credit, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance)
  • able to prove residence in Doncaster
  • on a low income
  • without access to alternative funds to meet the need

Only one award per year will be authorised.

What type of support is given?

In most cases support is given in the form of household goods, such as cookers, washing machine, beds and bedding.

Successful applicants are sent a preloaded payment card which can be used to purchase the required goods from a specified retailer. The payment cards cannot be used for any other purpose.

If a person requires support that can only be met by a cash (such as emergency food, money for heating/lighting), this is paid in cash through the authorised Paypoint system.

In addition to financial support, information about support organisations is available. This includes:

  • money management advice
  • domestic violence charities
  • older peoples charities
  • alcohol and drug abuse support

...and many others.

How do I apply?

Complete the online application: 

or phone 0800 859 5923 (freephone) and 01302 484100 (Local rate)

Last updated: 04 May 2017 10:27:34