Direct Payments For Adults

Information about Direct Payments, what you can use them for and how you can get them.

What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments are a different way of arranging your care and support. Instead of you giving money to the council for the care that we provide, Doncaster Council will contribute the money towards the support that you arrange for yourself. This means that you can have more choice and control over your support but you will also have a responsibility to manage your money to pay for the things that you need. There are organisations you can go to that will help you manage your money. 

You can also have your direct payment paid to an organisation who will manage that money on your behalf.


What can you use a direct payment for?

Examples of how Direct Payments have been used in Doncaster in the past are:-

  • To employ a Personal Assistant (PA) 
  • For short breaks
  • To access social activities 
  • To support with everyday tasks
  • Support to carry out parenting duties
  • To buy equipment

Please remember that the support plan you complete with your social care worker will be used to identify how you want to spend your direct payment

Why choose a Direct Payment?

  • You can be more independent
  • You have more control and flexibility in your life 
  • You choose who helps you manage your money 
  • You decide who gives you the support you need

How do I get a Direct Payment?

You can discuss this with your social worker if you have one.

If you feel you may need support to manage on a day to day basis to live independently at home, you can contact us.

We will have a conversation with you about how you manage on a daily basis and see if you need further support.

If you are put in touch with a social worker to talk about your support needs/requirements it is at this stage that a direct payment may be discussed.

How do I receive my Direct Payment?

You can have a Direct Payment card which is like a bank payment card.

It is not a credit card - you cannot get into debt. You will need to keep records and receipts to show how you have spent your direct payments.

This payment can also go to an organization who manage direct payments on your behalf. They will able to make payments on your behalf.

Employing a Personal Assistant

If you choose to employ your own personal assistant there are some things you may want some help with.

  • Help to look for the right person who will help you with your support plan.
  • Help with contracts, safety checks, insurance and keeping records.

To support you with this, the council has commissioned Penderels Trust to manage your direct payment and support with the recruitment of a personal assistant. 


After 6-8 weeks a social care worker will check how things are going.

Last updated: 10 April 2019 15:15:02