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Lost and Stray Dogs

It is the council’s responsibility to deal with lost, stray or found dogs

We keep a record of dogs reported as lost, found or strayed. These lists can be viewed using the following links: 

Legally all dogs must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner clearly displayed on it. Dog owners can be fined if their dog does not having an identity tag. 

If you have lost your dog

Lost dog

The first thing you should do if you have lost your dog is to check on our List of found / stray dogs to see if it has already been taken in by someone.

If this is unsuccessful you can report it to us and we will add to our list of lost dogs:

Report a Lost Dog

Dogs that are reported to us as being found are taken to boarding kennels to be cared for. The address of the Council's boarding kennels is: 

Mount Pleasant Kennels,
Wakefield Road,
DN6 7EX.
Tel: 01302 722748.

When a dog is taken to kennels to be looked after, its owner has seven days to claim it back. When doing so the owner must pay a fixed fee, which is set by central Government, and all fees incurred for the dog’s care and kennelling.

Dogs not claimed within seven days will be made available for re-homing.

If you have found a dog or want to tell us about a stray dog

If you take in a dog you should check it for a collar with ownership details on so that you can contact them directly to arrange a return of their dog. If the dog does not have any identification on it, you can look on the List of dogs reported lost to see if there is a match from the owner. If there is you should contact us and we will arrange for the dog to be reunited with its owner.

If there is no listing for the dog you have found, then you can report it to us:

Report a Found Dog

If we cannot immediately identify the dog’s owner, we will register the dog and take it to local boarding kennels.

If you see a stray dog in your area you can report it to us:

Report a Stray Dog

The details of the stray dog will be sent to the Dog Warden who will patrol the area to look for the dog.

We cannot guarantee to pick the dog up unless it is contained. However, if the dog is picked up by the Dog Warden they will try to trace the owners and return it. If we cannot immediately identify the dog’s owner we will register the dog and take it to Mount Pleasant Kennels.

Dangerous/Nuisance Dogs

If you have a complaint about a dangerous or banned dog, such as Pit Bull Terrier, please contact the Police (telephone number 101).

The Council’s Dog Warden Service deals with dog owners who are failing to control their dogs, for example: allowing the dog to stray; causing a danger to pedestrians or traffic; not fitting a collar clearly displaying the owners name and address and failing to immediately clean up if their dog fouls.

Legal action may be taken against those causing a nuisance if negotiation and advice does not work.

Stolen Dogs

If you have evidence that your dog has been stolen you should notify the Police.

Other Stray Animals

Under the Animal Act 1971 the Council can impound any livestock which has strayed onto Council land.

The animals are only returned to their owners after satisfactory proof of ownership has been produced and payment has been made for any damages and expenses incurred.

To report a lost animal or for further information contact us on 01302 736000.

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