Tough action taken on illegal vehicles in local suburb.

City of Doncaster Council (CDC) and South Yorkshire Police (SYP) have acted upon complaints from residents in the suburb of Hexthorpe to crack down on all types of anti-social behaviour associated with cars and vehicles.

Several complaints had been raised by local residents about an array of vehicles being sold in the area and being there without the correct road tax. There were also claims of people openly driving about without insurance.

Five officers from CDC’s enforcement team and stronger community officers, as well as six officers from SYP were present in the area and able to run checks on more than 380 different vehicles in a targeted operation.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) was used to catch drivers without the required insurance or tax on their vehicles. In some instances, a tow truck was used.

Councillor Joe Blackham, Portfolio Holder Enforcement, said: “This was a really productive exercise where officers from the various teams came together to deal with the issues the clearly matter to the people of Hexthorpe.
“We plan to run this type of operation in the area during the coming year and will keep residents updated on the actions taken.”

The following were outcomes from the day:

• 7 vehicles were seized for licencing offences.
• 1 vehicle drove away before recovery but was taxed later.
• 3 vehicles were seized for driving without insurance.
• 2 fixed penalty notices were issued (by SYP) for parking obstructions on Mutual Street.
• 9 Untaxed (CLE2/6) forms completed and sent to DVLA - Fixed Penalty Notices to be served on the registered keeper of the vehicles.
• 1 Fixed Penalty Notice to be issued for repairing a vehicle at the side of the highway.
• 3 vehicles have been reunited with the owners after paying the penalty fees and being taxed.

One local resident commented: “It's great to see that the council and police have listened to us about selling vehicles at the back of our property, we were sick and tired of it and the nuisance that it brings but now those responsible will think twice about it and know that they can't get away with this type of thing in our community.”

This is part of our ongoing commitment to environmental crimes through the 'Don't Mess With Doncaster' campaign.

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Last updated: 09 February 2024 13:44:05