Recycle it right! Residents urged to check recycling bins

Doncaster residents are being asked to recycle right to reduce the amount of waste collected at the kerbside which cannot be recycled.

Known as contamination, this issue is costing City of Doncaster Council in excess of £300,000 per year to rectify.

In a bid to reduce the problem, in partnership with its waste contractor, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, the council is reminding people what they can and can’t recycle in their bins with the introduction of bin tags.

The bin tagging scheme is now being rolled out to other areas of Doncaster.

Since March, bin crews have left tags on any bins that have the wrong items in them. Anything that goes in the bin incorrectly is classed as ‘contamination’ and must be removed and disposed of separately. The crews will not empty the tagged bins and the tags show people what can be recycled.

Households that are given a tag need to check their bins and take out anything that is in the wrong bin. The crews will then empty the bin on the next scheduled collection day.

Cllr Mark Houlbrook, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Waste, said: “When it comes to recycling, getting it right is really important. We have seen a large rise in contaminated recycling with almost a third of recycling affected and our recycling facilities just can’t accept this, meaning less of Doncaster’s waste is being recycled.

“We have had to take a firmer stance, so if you find a tag on your bin it means something has been put in there that we can’t accept to be recycled and you need to take it out before it can be collected.

“It is important that you should only recycle what can be processed locally in Doncaster. The only accepted items in the blue bin are plastic bottles, clean paper and card, tins, or cans (including aerosol cans) and tin foil.

“Please do not include plastic food trays, yoghurt pots and plastic bags. These are low grade plastics and are difficult to separate and send for recycling. We have even seen nappies and dog poo bags being put in blue bins.

“If in doubt, check your bin leaflet or our website for a full list of what can be recycled in your bins. I’d like to thank those people who are recycling right and if we all do this then we can increase our recycling rates and reduce unnecessary costs.”

If residents need help remembering what goes where there is a handy guide on the City of Doncaster Council website:  

Recycling that is not collected at the kerbside can be put in your black bin or taken to any Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) and bulky waste collections can also be arranged online. An A-Z list can be found by visiting A-Z of recycling and waste - City of Doncaster Council

Residents are asked to present bins at the edge of their property by 7am on collection day and take them back in when emptied. Except for any small electrical items, all waste must be inside the bin. Additional cardboard can be placed in a sturdy cardboard box at the side of the bin. Bin lids should be firmly closed to prevent littering.


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Last updated: 20 May 2024 12:56:44