Doncaster named a Tree City of the World

Doncaster is one of only 200 cities worldwide to be given the title of Tree City of the World. The recognition acknowledges the commitment made across the city to plant new trees.

An ambitious target was set for tree planting, as part of a declaration of a climate and biodiversity emergency, by the Mayor of Doncaster. In 2021 she pledged that we would see one million trees planted across Doncaster over ten years, to help create new woodlands, increase tree canopy in areas with low coverage, and help mitigate climate emissions locally to benefit the environment and air quality.

In the time since, schools, community groups, landowners, residents, businesses, and volunteers have all come together to help identify and plant on land suitable for new tree planting projects. 

Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, said: “Residents and communities have so far helped us plant nearly 200,000 trees across Doncaster – resulting in the city being designated a Tree City of the World. I’d like to thank everyone who has pulled together so far to help us achieve this and I am proud and delighted with the progress we have made so far.

“Progress to make our city greener was never going to be a quick fix, we have always said that this target is ambitious, and that planting will increase year on year over the course of the programme and it is going to take time to start seeing results, so we will continue onward in our journey to become a greener and cleaner city for future generations”.

Cllr Mark Houlbrook, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Waste, said: “I know first-hand how much work has gone into the planting of trees across the city and I have met many people, from rangers to schoolteachers to volunteers, who have all contributed to making our city greener and helping us to gain this title.  

“This year alone we have collaborated with 22 schools to plant 7,500 trees and 3,200 trees have been planted across council managed cemetery and crematorium sites. We have also collaborated with businesses and corporate volunteers to plant a new woodland in Toll Bar, working alongside South Yorkshire Woodland Partnership.  

“I want to thank everyone across the city for their efforts. I also want to thank many of our funders who have helped provide the trees we have been able to plant along the way. If anyone has planted or plan to plant any trees across Doncaster then please do let us know so that we can add it to the register in order to meet the #1MillionTreeChallenge”. 

As part of the latest tree planting season, which runs from November to March, over 10,000 trees were made available from the Woodland Trust, free of charge for landowners – including homeowners - in Doncaster, to collect and plant on their land.

All of these available trees were given out within hours of being made available.  

For further information on climate change and tree planting as well as other environmental issues, residents can sign up to the Green Team newsletter - Get the latest updates by email - City of Doncaster Council 

Landowners looking to plant a large number of trees can contact the council by emailing  

Tree Cities of the World is a global network aimed at supporting planting, nurturing, and celebrating trees. It is supported by the Arbor Day Foundation and the United Nations. 

To find out more – visit Tree Cities of the World. 

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Last updated: 22 April 2024 14:49:07