ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Scheme

About the scheme

The Register of Land based Operatives (ROLO) Health & Safety and Environmental awareness course has been designed to increase the profile of Health and Safety and thereby reduce the number of accidents causing harm to operatives within the land-based sector.

It also takes into account the need to align to professional standards such as the competency framework demanded by National Highways Sector Scheme 18 (NHSS18) for the Environment and Landscape including ecology.

Target audience

  • managers
  • supervisors
  • caretakers
  • grounds

Course content

  • health and safety law 
  • management of health and safety 
  • control of substances hazardous to health 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
  • safety on land based sites and projects 
  • health risks 
  • accident prevention and reporting 
  • first aid 
  • fire prevention 
  • safety signs 
  • environmental issues


  • 35 minute multiple choice examination at the end of the course
  • delegates must pass the exam in order to achieve the ROLO qualification

The scheme is administered by the British Association of Landscaping Industries (BALI). Certificates for successful candidates will be produced by BALI.


  • 1 day  8:30am – 4 pm 


  • £105


  • 12 per course

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