Risk assessment training course

The course content, cost, duration and more of our risk assessment training course.

Course content

  • legislation requirements
  • objectives of risk assessments
  • hazard identification
  • risk control systems
  • activity assessments
  • risk assessment forms
  • monitor and review
  • personal responsibilities

Target audience:

  • staff that are required to carry out risk assessments


By the end of the course you will:

  • have an understanding of the legislative requirements for risk assessments and the principles of hazard identification and risk control
  • know how to and when to conduct risk assessments using appropriate paperwork
  • know where to obtain assistance




  • 03/10/18 AM at North Bridge Depot Doncaster
  • 21/11/18 PM at North Bridge Depot Doncaster
  • 29/01/19 PM
  • 20/03/19 PM
  • 21/05/19 PM


half a day

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