Pesticides training (PA1)

Course content:

  • PA1 – Safe use of Pesticides – APPROVED training course
  • pesticides are very widely and successfully used in land-based industries, but they can be potentially harmful substances, therefore it is essential that they are handled, applied and stored correctly- this makes training essential and the course will guide you through the key elements of using pesticides safely, and with confidence 

Target audience:

  • if you are employed within the agriculture or horticulture industries
  • and if you are responsible for the storage, handling and application of pesticides

This course will help you develop your knowledge of health and safety and legislation enabling you to work safely and effectively out in the field. 

Due to the use of pesticides, it is important that you are able to read and interpret product information in order to participate in this course.

What will you get from it?

  • understand your duties under the law and help you become a safe and competent pesticide user
  • understand what pesticides are and their ‘field of use’
  • state legislation relevant to pesticide application 
  • interpret and use label information
  • take the appropriate action to protect themselves and the environment
  • store and transport pesticides safely
  • dispose of the pesticides and containers safely
  • record information

Course sessions:

  • definitions 
  • consequences of not using or handling pesticides safely 
  • legislation that affects pesticides use 
  • pesticide product labels 
  • personal protective equipment 
  • safe storage and transport of pesticides 
  • environmental factors 
  • disposal of pesticides and containers 
  • dealing with accidents 
  • keeping pesticide records 


  • £225


  • one day

Upcoming Dates: 

  • 15/03/2018

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