Japanese knotweed course

Course content:

  • participants will have the opportunity to discover a brief history of how it got to the UK
  • its impact, how common it is and where it likes to grow
  • the damage it causes and the dangers of not treating it and how easy it is to spread to other sites
  • how do you identify it
  • what to do if you come across it on your land
  • how its treated

Target audience:

  • ideal for people that have a Japanese knotweed problem or for those who would like to identify it before it becomes a problem 


  • learn how to develop a confident and assertive approach to deal with the issue
  • know where the plant originated
  • understand the invasive problems relating to this plant
  • identify the characteristics of the plant
  • learn about the environmental issues
  • learn about the reporting process
  • learn how best to eradicate it


  • 2 hours


  • £200 per course (10 delegates per course) 

Booking arrangements:

to book your place please email or telephone Bentley training centre.

When booking a place, please provide your contact email address and phone number.


  • any cancellations 10 working days or less to the course commencement date will incur a cancellation charge


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