Home safety equipment checks

Implementing Home Safety Equipment Checks training course

Research has shown that safety advice given directly to families and older people in their own homes reduces accidental injury, identifying hazards and risks to families and individuals within their own home can be more effective than the delivery of safety information alone.

Course content:

  • effective communication techniques (verbal and non-verbal)
  • delivering home safety advice within the home environment
  • practical and realistic accident prevention methods
  • risk assessment in the home environment
  • training on the use of home safety checklist - an effective and practical tool for anyone conducting these checks

Who should attend the course

  • Home Safety Officers and community and voluntary workers with a home accident prevention remit
  • ideally you are advised to have previously attended the Older People Safety in the home (1 day course), before attending this 2 day course


  • this course focuses on identifying behavioural and environmental hazards in the home and the risk to families and individuals
  • you will be given the opportunity to develop and practice communication skills that play an important role in the success of a home safety checks


  • 2 days

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