Health assessments

Work health assessment - self declaration

You will be asked to complete a work health assessment if you are offered a job and don’t currently work for Doncaster Council. The assessment aims to see whether you have any health conditions that could affect your ability to undertake the duties of the post you have been offered or place you at any risk in the workplace. We may recommend adjustments or assistance as a result of this assessment to enable you to do the job. Our aim is to promote and maintain the health of all people at work.

Pre-employment health questionnaire - enhanced screening

For certain roles, and where you have identified relevant information on the work health assessment form, you will be asked to complete a pre-employment health questionnaire.  This form asks questions about your past and present health. All medical information will be confidential to the Health & Well-Being department.  It will be used to make an assessment of your health in relation to your proposed employment. The information given will not be disclosed to anyone without your permission but an opinion based on this information about your fitness for your employment will be given to the appropriate directorate. Upon receipt of this form, you may be called for a health interview or a medical examination.

Last updated: 07 February 2017 09:02:13