Highway walls and structures

Generally the walls and fences that surround property and fields are erected and maintained by the land owner.

The Highways and Transportation Service, as a local authority, will maintain and repair:

  • walls supporting the structure of the highway which are owned by the authority - these are called highway retaining walls
  • walls retaining land that has been excavated in cutting to form a highway parapet wall on bridges
  • walls providing a safety barrier for example a steep drop at the other side of the wall

Report structural issues online via the following eForm:

You will need to tell us the following:

  • Where the issue is as accurately as you can, this form will ask you to show us on a map and give a description e.g. Doncaster Road, about 1m from the kerb outside the mini supermarket;
  • If it's dangerous;
  • If the highway is uneven or unstable;
  • Any further information that you feel is important
Last updated: 13 December 2016 13:05:09