School Visa cards

New Visa Card requests for Schools are approved by the Strategic Procurement Team & administered by the Procure to Pay Team

The cards are provided by Lloyds Banking Group and the Purchase Card Reconciliation System used is supplied by Lloyds Fraedom.

The scheme is a means of procurement of goods and services. It does not invalidate the need to maintain robust systems of internal control as outlined in the Doncaster Schools Financial Regulations.

A Visa card is an alternative method to your current means of paying for goods and services. It is a particularly efficient method of payment for high volume, low value purchases. It looks, and is used, like any normal credit card and is widely accepted within the UK and abroad. (Any establishment displaying the VISA symbol will accept the card).

The card offers the opportunity to improve the focus and flexibility of purchasing procedures whilst reducing time associated in the processing of paperwork for small sundry purchases, thus improving the cost effectiveness of processing these transactions.

All of this will be achieved without compromising control of the School's money and, at the same time, the School will benefit from obtaining supplies and services in a more cost effective manner, as well as producing high quality management information. The following benefits can be expected:


  • Reduced administration time paying invoices
  • Internet purchasing possible
  • Creditors are paid more quickly
  • Reduces need for petty cash (and associated reconciliation & reimbursement)
  • Can see on Lloyds Fraedom System where and by whom goods have been purchased


  • No need to carry cash
  • Direct contact with suppliers


  • Paid within 3-4 working days
  • Improves cash flow
  • Reduces late payments

The card:

The card looks like any normal credit card. Embossed on the card are the following details:

  • 'Doncaster School'
  • The approved cardholder's name
  • Valid from date
  • Expiry date
  • Card number

Each card has a maximum single transaction limit (the maximum value of any single purchase) and a monthly credit limit. Both of these limits are inclusive of VAT and carriage charges.


Time Frame for Processing transactions

The Procure to Pay Team have implemented a new system called Lloyds Fraedom to process all transactions made with Visa Cards. Fraedom is an online Purchase Card Reconciliation System which enables users to log on and process transactions that have taken place on the Visa cards the following working day.

Transactions MUST be reviewed by the cardholder & approved by the Budget Holder by the 25th of the month (or before if 25th is a weekend) to ensure the transaction is included in the monthly export to E5 and on your monthly reconciliation report.  Transactions do not hit budget until they have been reviewed & approved.

Under no circumstances should transactions be reviewed & approved by the same person.  Segregation of duties is required.


Visa Card Limit Increase Requests

Card limits have been set at the point of application and include a Single Transaction Limit and a Monthly Transaction Limit.

A cardholder can request that the limits are increased on a temporary or permanent basis by raising a call through iServe.  Go to Finance > Procure to Pay > Purchase Cards > Request Limit Increase.

Where the cardholder is the Head Teacher then the Chair of Governors or Chair of Finance should approve.


Guidelines, forms & procedures:

Purchase Card General Guide for Schools V9 March 2018
School Pre App Form V3 20 03 20

Personal information provided by you will be used to process your purchase card application, this will entail taking steps to enter into a contract with you and Lloyds Bank, and for authentication purposes required for the performance of this contract.  Your information will be shared with the Finance Department and Lloyds Bank to deliver the service and may be shared to detect and prevent fraud.  Purchase card application forms are retained for 7 years from date of submission. 

More information on your rights and how Doncaster Council handles your information generally, can be found on the Council’s website.  You can contact the Council’s Data Protection Officer at for more information. 

Lloyds Bank privacy notice can be accessed here: 

VAT Guidance


Fraedom system link:

System Link: Fraedom - Purchase Card Reconciliation System


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