Call-in protocol and procedure

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One of the key roles of Overview and Scrutiny is to hold the executive (the Mayor and/or Cabinet) to account for its decisions. This seeks to promote accountability and transparency and give an influential and important role to front line Councillors.

Where Overview and Scrutiny members believe there have been defects within the decision making process, they may call-in a decision within a specified timescale (the call-in period). During this time implementation of the decision is suspended whilst it is re-examined by the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee (OSMC). 

Having reviewed the decision OSMC cannot implement any changes but they can request the executive (or in certain cases Full Council) reconsider the decision if it believes the concerns are justified and this will improve the decision making process.

The Call in Protocol provides advice and guidance on how the process operates.

Call-in procedure, protocol and call-in form:

Call-in Protocol May 2016
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