Overview and Scrutiny Meetings

This page provides information about the Council's Overview and Scrutiny meetings.

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Overview and scrutiny was introduced by the government to make councils' decision making more accountable and effective.

  • scrutiny holds public inquiries into matters of local concern and is a means of citizens having a greater say in council matters
  • it acts as a 'watchdog', examining decisions and recommendations of the council and other bodies such as the local NHS
  • it is also a 'think tank' looking at ways of improving the well-being of the people of Doncaster and the services they receive
  • its role is to consider the broad issues affecting local people, not individual complaints

Issues for scrutiny

Scrutiny Panels will consider issues put forward by the public, interest groups or businesses, which must meet the following criteria:

  • affect a group of people living within the Doncaster Council area
  • relate to a service, event or issue in which the council has a significant stake or over which the council has an influence
  • not relate to an individual service complaint
  • not relate to matters dealt with by another council committee, unless the issue deals with procedure
  • must come from a resident of the borough

Rules about members of the public speaking at meetings

  • meetings of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee and the four Overview and Scrutiny Standing Panels are held in public
  • up to 20 minutes is available at meetings for verbal statements from up to five members of the public on matters within the panel's remit proposing action(s) which may be considered in relation to future development of the panel's work programme
  • statements about the individual conduct of members or officers are inappropriate and should not be made
  • if you wish to make a statement at a meeting you should begin by giving your name and address. If your statement relates to your involvement with any particular organisation or group (for example, a tenants' and residents' association) you should state this also.

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