**Second Wave ** Doncaster Language Launch Community Grant

£50K of funding has been allocated for the implementation of a Language Launch Community Grant programme. The first wave saw £15,000 allocated with £35,000 remaining. Applications must not exceed £5000. The language launch project aims to enable children across Doncaster to develop strong communication, language and literacy skills, and to inspire families to become more involved in their children's development.

*Applications have been put on hold due to COVID-19. They will reopen once business returns to normal*

Doncaster Children and Young People’s Plan 2017-2020 sets out our vision to focus on key themes to better build the notion of a child friendly borough and how the overall ambition for children and young people translates in to action.

This grant programme will enable us to strengthen and embed our Early Years Offer and provide a robust pathway of high quality speech, language and communication opportunities for our children aged 0-5 years.


The language launch project aims to enable children across Doncaster to develop strong communication, language and literacy skills. The key focus of this project is to inspire families to become more involved in their children's development. 

Some children are not progressing as well at school as their peers. We know that at least part of the reason for this is that children’s early language and literacy development isn’t at the expected level.

Through analysing Early Years Foundation Stage data across the county, it is possible to identify where children progress less well with their early communication, language and literacy. The Doncaster Language Launch aims to target additional funding for communication, language and literacy activities for young children, their families and their communities.

The Doncaster Language Launch has funding available for early years and community-based groups to bid for, so that they can deliver activities which support communication, language and literacy development. 

The South Yorkshire Language Launch will also be offering free training on communication, language and literacy development to early year’s providers and community groups operating across Doncaster.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to Voluntary, Community and Faith based organisations, specialist organisations and private companies, providing activities for the target group within Doncaster. We can award grants to any eligible organisation in the Doncaster community who are delivering universally inclusive activities and services to the children and young people as long as you meet the criteria as outlined in the guidance document. 

If you are new to completing funding applications I urge you to get in touch for some advice and guidance. We are really keen to support community groups to access this funding. 

Who cannot apply?

We cannot grant awards to the following:

  • An individual.
  • A Gambling Club.
  • A Political Organisation.
  • Organisations looking to fund activities outside the Doncaster Borough.

What are we looking for?

  • Creativity and innovation
  • An increased range of innovative, inclusive services to support and improve Speech, Language and communication skills of Doncaster children and young people aged 0-5.
  • Strengthened community offer for children and young people.
  • Groups or organisations that can evidence the increase in provision and can show additionality.
  • Groups and organisations that can follow a family inclusive approach.
  • Schools and the Local Authority can apply, but must show additionality and offer additionality over and above their statutory requirement.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for funding please review the guidance. If you need further clarification please contact alison.fleetwood@doncaster.gov.uk 

What will we not fund?

  • Wish lists for resources without a very clear plan for engaging families, improving speech, language and communication and embedded sustainability into the project.
  • Anything that is seen as standard delivery/provision in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. 
  • Activity that is delivered only to children and does not factor in how to engage families in the learning. 
  • Activity that is focused on literacy not speech, language and communication.

The Basics

  • Applications open 2nd March 2020
  • Deadline for submissions is the 13th April 2020
  • Grants must be spent as stated in the Grant Approval
  • The grant can’t be used to fund costs incurred prior to the date of the grant approval
  • You will be required to provide evidence of impact in August 2020.
  • You will be required to produce evidence that the grant has been spent in line with your Grant Approval. Failure to provide this information will result in your organisation being required to pay back to the council the value of any grant expenditure that can’t be evidenced.
  • The applicant must be able to demonstrate that the project represents good value for money.

How do I apply?

Please use the application form in the downloads section to apply for the Language Launch Community Grant Fund. 

Alison Fleetwood can be contacted for further details 01302 735096- alison.fleetwood@doncaster.gov.uk 


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