Information for parents about returning to school and childcare

Schools in Doncaster will be returning for the new academic year in the first week of September 2020, however we know that some parents, families and young people may still have concerns and questions about returning to school with the current corona virus pandemic.

Its a hugely important time for parents and families with our children returning to school, whether you're desperate to get the kids back and are counting down the days, are still feeling a little bit worried about your children going to school with the ongoing pandemic and even a bit of both. However you feel is normal!

This resource has been designed to give families some key information and a place to come to help them prepare for getting our children back to school for the new year in September. We know there are still worries, but we also feel strongly that school is the best place for our young ones. We've worked together with schools right throughout the pandemic, and over the summer holidays to make sure Doncaster has the right approach for getting schools ready to welcome children back in the new academic year.

To help you prepare and hopefully put some of those back to school worries to rest, we have pulled some key information together about things such as travelling to school, what school may look like such as the curriculum and emotional support, health and safety practices and procedures and much more. We would also encourage you to contact your child's school if you have any specific concerns or worries, and if you re considering not sending your child to school because of your worries, our Attendance and Welfare Team are there to provide support.

There is also national guidance provided by the government for parents and families as part of their 'Back to School Safely' campaign.

Worried about sending your child/children to school?

We know many parents may still be worried about sending their child to school with the ongoing pandemic and having been out of school for such a long period of time.

We feel strongly, as do our schools, that school is the best place for our children and we have worked closely as a team with all schools in Doncaster to make them as safe as prepared as possible.

If you're still feeling anxious and would like further support, we would encourage you to contact your child's school or alternatively speak to our Attendance and Pupil Welfare Service who are on-hand to provide dedicated support for your family so that we can ensure our children are going to school in the right way for them, and that you are confident and happy about your child's safety and well being. The Attendance and Pupil Service team are available on 01302 736504 or at

Questions for individual schools

There are some questions we have been asked that would be better directed to your child’s/children’s individual schools as many schools will be taking different approaches to suit each school. These include questions such as:

  • How will social distancing be managed throughout the school day and at pick up/drop off?
  • Are breakfast clubs and after school clubs back on?
  • Will children be expected to wear school uniform and if so how will teachers know it has been washed and fresh to prevent spreading germs?
  • Will my child be back in school full-time with normal hours?

Further information and updates

Where can I find out more information?

We will continue to provide updates through the council’s social media channels (below) as regularly as we can, and will be updating these frequently asked questions as we receive more information. Don’t forget to also check your child’s/children’s school website and other communications channels for updates.


More information for parents is also available on the Families Information Service.

Latest updates

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