How will school be different for my child?

The following information is about how school will be different for children once reopened.

Health and safety/Hygiene

We know that parents are concerned about the health and safety practices of schools to ensure we are limiting potential exposure to coronavirus.

It’s important to know that ALL schools in Doncaster have submitted a risk assessment to the council to ensure it meets the health and safety needs and expected requirements from a Public Health perspective.

Each school will be working to ensure that they have the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) with support from Doncaster Council, as well as practising the required social and physical distancing measures within schools.

There is also a health and safety section in our ‘Returning to School: FAQs’ page which should answer any queries you have, however, each school will approach this differently depending on the needs of their children and staff, and if you have any specific questions about this, we would encourage you to contact your child’s school.

Emotional wellbeing and support

We appreciate that parents may be worried about the impact of these changes and the wider impact of the corona virus pandemic on their child/children. Schools are preparing to ensure that children are supported emotionally to help them manage and cope with the changes they might see in school.

Schools are being supported by the Council’s Outreach Teams to prepare for children returning to school. We are working with schools to ensure there are more specialist officers in schools to support with children’s emotional health, trauma, and any additional needs.

Schools are being given the opportunity to attend a free training course which will outline how corona virus can impact on children and young people and how the way children will be supported in schools will change. This will include us placing 2 “Trauma Champions” into schools to ensure training is provided regularly for schools and teaching staff.

We are committed to ensuring that children are safe when in school and that behavioral difficulties or emotional needs can be met safely and sensitively. We are working with schools to create individual risk assessments for children and young people who require a bespoke approach to their learning. This involves input from specialist officers.

We are offering advice and updated guidance for schools around their behaviour policies and how the policies may be different post-corona virus.

Curriculum and teaching

Whilst your child’s education is the absolute focus for all schools in Doncaster, we undoubtedly need to focus on ensuring our children are happy, healthy and thriving following the upheaval and uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools will aim to build in teaching and elements of their usual curriculum where possible, but schools’ emphasis will be placed on a ‘recovery curriculum’ which will place focus on the development and strengthening of our children’s emotional wellbeing.

More information about this will be made available shortly, and alternatively, you may want to speak to your child’s teacher about what the teaching might look like.

Further information

You will find further information about changes within schools, such as holidays, health and safety and reopening plans by visiting the ‘Returning to School: FAQs’ page.

Last updated: 16 June 2020 14:42:43