Graduated Approach Toolkit

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Examples of ways the Graduated Approach Toolkit can be used:

  • A self-help guide for practitioners when considering provision
  • A point of reference when deciding intervention levels
  • An audit tool for students and practice, for education settings and the LA
  • Partnership, clarity and transparency for parents and carers

Assessment and Audit Tools

Provision Maps

Provision Mapping-Guidance
Download (28KB - DOCX)
Example Provision map
Download (423KB - XLSX)
DMBC_Example Whole School Provision Map
Download (28KB - DOCX)
DMBC_Example Whole School Intervention Provision Map
Download (25KB - DOCX)
DMBC_Example Pupil Provision Map 1
Download (26KB - DOCX)
DMBC_Example Pupil Provision Map 2
Download (25KB - DOCX)
DMBC_Example Pupil Provision Map 3
Download (25KB - DOCX)

Self Evaluation Framework for Schools

CPD and Training

Referrals and Consent

Behaviour Outreach Support Service

Educational Psychology Service

Occupational and Physiotherapies

Speech and Language Therapy

LA Privacy Notice to accompany Referral and Consent

Research and Best Practice

Recommended Resources for SEMH and Behaviour


Autism Social Communication Education and Training Service

A guide to the resources recommended by ASCETs

In the ASCETs section of this Toolkit, a range of resources have been recommended for schools to use at the Universal and Universal+ sections:

Autism Education Trust Teacher Toolkit Actual Tools – this contains a range of classroom strategies with examples that can be tailored to the individual pupil.

Coping skills strategies – techniques and ideas to enable emotional regulation.

Emotions mat with questions and pictures – to help develop understanding of emotions and be able to relate emotions to different situations – questions or pictures dependent on child’s level.

Icebreaker questions – conversation starters to help develop communication, turn taking, concentration, friendship.

Volume scales – supporting pupils to manage their responses to different noises in their setting These are presented in colour and black and white so that the pupil can colour code for themselves.

ASCETs will be arranging training sessions for SENCOs and Inclusion Managers to attend throughout the year. The ASCETs Autism Essentials training provides additional materials, with the ASCETs Team leading the peer discussions based on the experiences within a range of school settings. The ASCETs Team will explain how to use and personalise the strategies introduced throughout this training.

The ASCETs Team will continue supporting pupils and schools already accessing this Service.

AET Teacher_toolkit_Actual_Tools
Download (5.5MB - PDF)
Coping skills
Download (12KB - DOCX)
Emotions materials
Download (35KB - PDF)
Emotions pictures 1
Download (93KB - PDF)
Emotions pictures 2
Download (114KB - PDF)
Emotions questions 1
Download (25KB - PDF)
Emotions questions 2
Download (24KB - PDF)
Icebreakers 1
Download (25KB - PDF)
Icebreakers 2
Download (26KB - PDF)
Volume scale
Download (29KB - PDF)
Volume scale black and white
Download (32KB - PDF)

Behavior Outreach Support Service

Awaiting documents

Communication and Interaction Strand Toolkit

Awaiting documents 

Early Years Inclusion

Educational Psychology

Google Classroom

Google Site

Educational Psychology Consultation - One minute guide
Download (401KB - PDF)
Educational Psychology Terms of reference Pyramid Planning Meetings
Download (46KB - DOCX)
Specific literacy difficulties - one minute guide PDF
Download (396KB - PDF)
Pupil voice - One minute guide
Download (288KB - PDF)
Drawing the Ideal School Prompt Sheet
Download (541KB - PDF)
Drawing the Ideal Self Prompt sheet
Download (3MB - PDF)
Precision Teaching booklet
Download (163KB - DOC)
Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
Download (85KB - PDF)

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends
Download (1.4MB - PPT)
Circle of friends consent - all pupils
Download (31KB - DOC)
Circle of friends consent - focus pupil
Download (28KB - DOC)
Focus pupil discussion
Download (29KB - DOC)
Research findings
Download (144KB - DOC)
Parent handout
Download (28KB - DOC)
Teacher handout
Download (214KB - DOC)
Additional warm up games
Download (25KB - DOC)
Treatment Integrity Checklist
Download (40KB - DOC)


PATHs information
Download (267KB - PDF)
The PATHs process
Download (714KB - PDF)
Invitation to PATHs process
Download (60KB - PDF)

PD Visual and Hearing Strand Toolkit

Awaiting documents

Service for Children with a Hearing Impairment

SCHI Posters
Download (1.42MB - ZIP)

Social Emotional and Mental Health Strand Toolkit

Recommended Resources for SEMH and Behaviour
Download (159KB - DOCX)
SEMH Key Agencies in Doncaster
Download (20KB - DOCX)
Nurture Principles
Download (14KB - DOCX)

Speech and Language Therapy

Blank task planner for classroom activity
Download (50KB - DOCX)
Task planner for sequencing classroom task
Download (61KB - DOCX)
Task planner for PE
Download (89KB - DOCX)
Visual timetable
Download (448KB - PDF)
Good listening and talking rules
Download (447KB - DOCX)
Home school diary
Download (58KB - DOCX)
Help strategy cards girl
Download (374KB - PDF)
Help strategy cards boy
Download (355KB - PDF)
Word web
Download (28KB - DOC)
Tier 1 pack
Download (1.22MB - DOCX)

Statutory Compliance Documents


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