Local Offer - Schools and Alternative Provision

Information on schools, colleges, alternate provision and education support services for people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their carers.

Schools in Doncaster

Below is a list of schools in Doncaster and links to their websites. If you would like to read a school's contribution to the local offer, you can do so here.

Infant Schools

Askern Moss Road Infant Academy Askern www.askernmossroad.com
Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy Askern www.askernlittlemoor.com
Grange Lane Infant Academy New Rossington www.gliacademy.org.uk  
Kirk Sandall Infant School Kirk Sandall www.ksinfantschool.co.uk  
Norton Infant School Norton www.norton-inf.uk
Rossington Tornedale Infant School New Rossington www.tornedaleinfantschool.co.uk  
Rowena Academy Conisbrough www.rowenaacademy.org.uk  
Scawsby Saltersgate Infant School Scawsby www.saltersgate-inf.doncaster.sch.uk/
Sprotbrough Orchard Infant School Sprotbrough www.orchardinfants.wordpress.com  

Primary Schools

Adwick Primary School  Woodlands www.adwickprimary.doncaster.sch.uk/ 
Arksey Primary School Arksey www.arkseyprimary.co.uk 
Armthorpe Shaw Wood Academy Armthorpe www.shawwoodacademy.co.uk 
Atlas Academy Doncaster www.astreaatlas.org  
Auckley School Auckley www.auckley.doncaster.sch.uk 
Balby Central Primary School Balby www.balbycentralprimary.co.uk 
Barnburgh Primary School Barnburgh www.barnburghprimary.co.uk 
Barnby Dun Primary Academy Barnby Dun www.barnbydunprimaryacademy.co.uk 
Bawtry Mayflower Primary School Bawtry www.bawtrymayflower.doncaster.sch.uk 
Bentley High Street Primary School Bentley www.bentleyhighstreet.co.uk 
Bentley New Village Primary School Bentley www.bentleynewvillage.co.uk 
Bessacarr Primary Bessacarr www.bessacarr.doncaster.sch.uk  
Branton St Wilfrid's C Of E Primary School Branton www.branton-st-wilfrids-primary.co.uk
Canon Popham C Of E Primary Academy Edenthorpe http://canon-popham.vox-cms.com 
Carcroft Primary School Carcroft www.carcroftprimary.co.uk/ 
Carr Lodge Academy Balby www.carrlodgeacademy.org 
Castle Academy Conisbrough www.castleacademy.org 
Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy Conisbrough www.ivanhoeschool.co.uk 
Crookesbroom Primary Academy Hatfield www.cpacademy.org.uk 
Denaby Main Primary School Denaby Main www.astreadenabymain.org 
Dunsville Primary School Dunsville www.dunsville.doncaster.sch.uk
Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy Edenthorpe www.edenthorpehall.doncaster.sch.uk 
Edlington Victoria Academy Edlington www.edlingtonvictoria.co.uk/ 
Green Top Thorne www.greentopschool.co.uk 
Hatchell Wood Primary Academy Cantley www.hatchellwood.realsmartcloud.com 
Hatfield Sheep Dip Lane Primary School Dunscroft www.sheepdiplane.doncaster.sch.uk 
Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School Hatfield Woodhouse www.hatfieldwoodhouse.org.uk 
Hawthorn Primary School Cantley www.hawthorn.doncaster.sch.uk 
Hayfield Lane Primary School Auckley www.hayfieldlane.org 
Hexthorpe Primary School Hexthorpe www.hexthorpe.doncaster.sch.uk 
Highfields Primary Academy Highfields http://www.highfieldspa.org.uk 
Highwoods Academy Mexborough  www.highwoods.doncaster.sch.uk/ 
Hill Top Academy Edlington www.hilltop-primary.co.uk/ 
Hillside Academy Denaby Main www.hillsideacademy.org 
Holy Family Catholic Primary School Stainforth www.holyfamily.doncaster.sch.uk 
Hooton Pagnell All Saints Church Of England Primary School. Hooton Pagnell www.hpcofe.co.uk 
Intake Primary Academy Intake www.astreaintake.org 
Kingfisher Primary Academy Wheatley www.kingfisherprimary.co.uk 
Kirkby Avenue Primary School Bentley www.kirkbyavenueprimaryschool.co.uk 
Lakeside Primary School Belle Vue www.lakesidedoncaster.com 
Long Toft Primary School Stainforth www.longtoft-doncaster.co.uk 
Mallard Primary School Balby http://www.mallardprimary.com/ 
Marshland Primary School Moorends www.marshland.doncaster.sch.uk 
Mexborough St John The Baptist C Of E Primary School Mexborough www.mexboroughstjohn.co.uk 
Montagu Academy Mexborough www.montaguacademy.org.uk 
New Pastures Primary School Mexborough www.newpasturesprimaryschool.co.uk 
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School Intake www.ourladymountcarmel.doncaster.sch.uk 
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Primary School Bentley www.ourladys.doncaster.sch.uk 
Our Lady Of Sorrows Catholic Voluntary Academy Armthorpe www.ourladysorrows.doncaster.sch.uk 
Owston Park Primary School Skellow www.owston.doncaster.sch.uk 
Park Primary School Wheatley www.parkprimary.greenschoolsonline.co.uk/  
Plover Primary School Intake www.plover.doncaster.sch.uk 
Richmond Hill Primary Academy Sprotbrough www.richmond.doncaster.sch.uk 
Rosedale Primary School Scawsby www.rosedale.doncaster.sch.uk/  
Rossington St Michaels C Of E Primary School Rossington www.rossingtonstmichaelscofe.org.uk 
Sandringham Primary School Intake www.sandringham.school
Scawthorpe Castle Hills Primary School Scawthorpe www.castlehills.org.uk 
Scawthorpe Sunnyfields Primary School Scawthorpe www.sunnyfields.doncaster.sch.uk  
Southfield Primary Armthorpe https://southfield.eschools.co.uk 
St Alban's Catholic Primary School Denaby Main www.st-albans.doncaster.sch.uk 
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School Balby www.xavier.doncaster.sch.uk 
St Joseph & St Teresa's Catholic Primary School Woodlands www.sjst.co.uk 
St Joseph's School a Catholic Voluntary Academy New Rossington www.st-josephs.doncaster.sch.uk 
St Mary's Catholic Primary School Edlington www.st-marys-pri.doncaster.sch.uk/ 
St Oswald's C Of E Academy Finningley www.stoswaldsacademy.co.uk 
St Peter's Catholic Primary School Belle Vue www.stpeterdoncaster.co.uk/ 
Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School Stainforth www.kirtonlane.doncaster.sch.uk 
Thorne Brooke Primary School Thorne www.thornebrooke.doncaster.sch.uk 
Thorne King Edward Primary School Thorne www.kingedward.doncaster.sch.uk/ 
Tickhill Estfeld Primary School Tickhill www.estfeld.doncaster.sch.uk 
Tickhill St Mary's C Of E Primary & Nursery School Doncaster www.tickhillstmarys.co.uk 
Toll Bar Primary School Toll Bar www.tollbar.doncaster.sch.uk 
Town Field Primary School Doncaster www.townfield.doncaster.sch.uk 
Tranmoor Primary Armthorpe www.tranmoor.doncaster.sch.uk 
Travis St Lawrence C E Primary School Hatfield www.travis.doncaster.sch.uk 
Wadworth Primary School Wadworth www.wadworthprimary.org.uk 
Warmsworth Primary School Warmsworth www.warmsworth.doncaster.sch.uk 
Waverley Academy Balby www.astreawaverley.org 
West Road Primary School Moorends www.westrd.doncaster.sch.uk 
Willow Academy Bessacarr www.willowprimaryschool.co.uk 
Windhill Primary School Mexborough www.windhillprimary.co.uk 
Woodfield Primary School Balby www.woodfieldprimaryschool.co.uk 
Woodlands Primary School Woodlands www.woodlandsprimary.doncaster.sch.uk 

Junior Schools

Copley Junior School Sprotbrough www.copley.doncaster.sch.uk 
Kirk Sandall Junior School Kirk Sandall www.kirksandalljunior.schooljotter2.com/ 
Morley Place Academy Conisbrough www.morleyplace.org.uk 
Norton Junior School Norton www.norton-jun.doncaster.sch.uk/ 
Pheasant Bank Academy New Rossington www.pheasantbankacademy.org.uk 
Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School Scawsby www.saltersjun.doncaster.sch.uk 
Spa Academy Askern Askern www.spaacademyaskern.com

Secondary Schools

Armthorpe Academy Armthorpe www.armthorpeacademy.org.uk 
Ash Hill Academy Hatfield www.ashhillacademy.org.uk 
Astrea Academy Woodfields Balby www.astreawoodfields.org/ 
Campsmount Academy Norton www.campsmount.com 
De Warenne Academy Conisbrough www.dewarenne.org.uk 
Don Valley Academy Scawthorpe www.donvalleyacademy.org.uk 
Hall Cross Academy Lower School Bessacarr www.hallcrossacademy.co.uk/ 
Hall Cross Academy Upper School Doncaster www.hallcrossacademy.co.uk 
Hungerhill School Edenthorpe www.hungerhillschool.com 
Laurel Academy Mexborough www.laurelacademy.org.uk
Outwood Academy Adwick Woodlands www.outwood.com 
Outwood Academy Danum Intake www.danum.outwood.com 
Ridgewood School Scawsby www.ridgewoodschool.co.uk 
Rossington All Saints Academy New Rossington www.theallsaints.net 
Sir Thomas Wharton Academy Edlington www.stwcc.co.uk 
The Hayfield School Auckley www.thehayfieldschool.co.uk 
The McAuley Catholic High School Doncaster www.mcauley.org.uk 
Trinity Academy Thorne www.trinity-academy.org.uk 
Xp School Balby  www.xpschool.org 

Independent Schools 

Private schools (also known as 'independent schools') charge fees to attend instead of being funded by the government. Private schools must be registered with the government and are inspected regularly.

Balby Sycamore Hall School Balby www.sycamorehallschool.co.uk/ 
Doncaster School for the Deaf and Communication Specialist College Bennetthorpe www.deaf-trust.co.uk/school 
Hill House School Auckley www.hillhouse.doncaster.sch.uk 

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You can view and download:

  • Exam and test results
  • Ofsted reports
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Special Schools within Doncaster

Some children have long term, significant and complex needs and will require an Education, Health and Care Plan specifying a specialist placement within one of Doncaster’s special schools. To meet this level of exceptional need the Local Authority maintains 5 special schools:

School Specialises In Age Range Telephone
Bader Academy Communication and Interaction 5 - 19 years 01302 433003
Coppice School Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)
Severe Learning Difficulty (SLD)
3 - 19 years 01302 844883
Heatherwood School Severe Learning Difficulty (SLD)
Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulty (PMLD)
3 - 19 years 01302 322044
North Ridge School Severe Learning Difficulty (SLD) 3 - 19 years 01302 720790
Pennine View School Moderate Learning Difficulty (MLD) 7 - 16 years 01709 864978
Stone Hill School Moderate Learning Difficulty (MLD) 5 - 16 years 01302 800090


Specialist Outreach Support from Special Schools

  • Severe Learning Difficulties and P Levels from North Ridge
  • Moderate Learning Difficulties from Pennine View
  • Autism Spectrum Condition from Stonehill
  • Physical Difficulties and Access from Heatherwood
  • Serve Learning Difficulties and complex autism from Coppice

Independent and non-maintained special schools

The Department for Education's (DfE) list of approved independent special schools, non-maintained special schools and post 16 institution providers is known as Section 41.

If a child’s parent or a young person makes a request for a particular nursery, school or post-16 institution in these groups the local authority must comply with that preference and name the school or college in the EHC plan unless:
  • it would be unsuitable for the age, ability, aptitude or SEN of the child or young person, or
  • the attendance of the child or young person there would be incompatible with the efficient education of others, or the efficient use of resources.
The child’s parent or the young person may also make representations for places in non-maintained early years provision or at independent schools or independent specialist colleges or other post-16 providers that are not on the list located on the link below and the Local Authority must consider their request. The Local Authority is not under the same conditional duty to name the provider but must have regard to the general principle that children should be educated in accordance with their parents’ wishes, so long as this is compatible with the provision of efficient instruction and training and does not mean unreasonable public expenditure. The Local Authority should be satisfied that the institution would admit the child or young person before naming it in a plan since these providers are not subject to the duty to admit a child or young person even if named in their plan.

The 2016/17 Student Finance England DSAs guidance documents for new and continuing students is available at the following link: www.practitioners.slc.co.uk/policy-information/guidance-chapters

Doncaster School for the Deaf

We are a non-maintained day and boarding school for deaf children from the ages 4-19 years .  

Our pupils access a full curriculum delivered by Teachers of the Deaf in small class groups. In addition, we provide British Sign Language and Deaf Studies tuition, Speech and Language Therapy, Medical and Audiology services. 

The school has bright modern classrooms and excellent sports facilities including an indoor heated swimming pool.  

We develop pupil communication skills including British Sign Language (BSL), Sign Supported English (SSE) or spoken English enabling them to develop internalised language and effective thought processes. Languages and cultures of both Deaf and Hearing communities are valued and respected.  

Please visit the schools website or contact us directly for further information or to arrange a visit. 

T: 01302 386733
E: jgoodman@ddt-deaf.org.uk
W: www.deaf-school.org.uk 

Communication Specialist College - Doncaster

Communication Specialist College is a leading national vocational specialist college. We offer a wide range of programmes for students with communication needs which include Deafness/Hearing Impairment, Autistic Spectrum Condition and Learning Disabilities and Difficulties. There are a range of courses for those who want to gain job and life –related qualifications and for those who need to gain independence and develop their social skills. We cater for all abilities and learning styles, offering pathways to suit every ambition. Our work pathway provides a distinctive, industry-focused learning environment for students who aim to enter employment whilst our life pathway and living pathway are designed to maximize personal and social development.  

T: 01302 386700
E: admissions@cscd.ac.uk
W: www.cscdoncaster.co.uk 

Alternative Provision

Alternative Provision settings are places that provide education for children who can’t go to a mainstream school.

Doncaster Council arrange education for pupils who, because of exclusion, illness or other reasons, would not otherwise receive suitable education.  Schools will arrange education for pupils to improve their behaviour at an off-site location

On our journey to becoming the most child friendly borough in the country, and in line with the recommendations and themes identified in the One Doncaster Report and the Children and Young People’s Plan (2017-2020), Doncaster Council has a very strong commitment to ensuring that we are well positioned to provide an inclusive education system for all children and young people, including those with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) and Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs (SEMH).

Research tells us that all too often children and young people attending alternative provision struggle to access further education, employment or training in a way that supports their future social mobility. Many are also at higher risk of living with low self-esteem and poor mental health. In order to effectively fulfil our responsibilities and to make sure that the provision we offer is responsive to pupils’ individual learning styles and aspirations. We are keen to embrace innovation and the great diversity of specialist provision which is available to improve the outcomes for children and young people across the Borough.

A range of services will be offered within the packages to cater for children and young people who have specified additional needs relating to high risk, children with medical and mental health needs, children who can’t cope with a full-time curriculum, children missing in education, learners who find themselves marginalised from conventional schools because of their behaviour or other challenges (including Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs (SEMH), children who are needing complementary work to reengage back into the community/school settings and school phobic children.

Learners may need to access specialist alternative education provision when:

  • They need support to reengage with their learning
  • They need support to re-integrate into a mainstream setting
  • They need a specialist assessment of need relating to SEMH and/or episodes of challenging behaviour
  • They require a specialised or bespoke education offer which may include alternative education
  • They are unable to access full time, mainstream education for any clearly identified reason within the scope of the Fair Access Panel the Inclusion Panel.
  • They do not yet have an agreed school place and therefore require a package of support until such a placement is identified
  • They need support to accelerate their progress as a result of gaps in learning.
  • They have social, emotional or mental health need that is impacting significantly on their school placement,
  • They are on the verge of exclusion or referral to a Pupil Referral Unit and need specialist intervention to moderate their behaviour
  • They have poor school attendance which is having a detrimental impact on their academic progress

Learners may also need access to therapeutic services and/or counselling. Schools can make a referral to access services or alternative provision via Inclusion Panel by completing the relevant paperwork within timescales set out in the Inclusion panel Terms of Reference document. This should include clear evidence of Assess Plan Do Review (APDR) cycles.

Doncaster's Maintained Alternative Provision

Maple Medical Service

Maple is a split site ‘Pupil Referral Unit’ (Short Stay School) which serves the whole of the Doncaster area. All the pupils who attend the Centre have medical needs.

There are five areas of Maple:

  • JASP (Joint Agency Support Provision). This is for pupils accessing CAMHS support at tier 3. This is situated in Balby. 
  • The Young Parents Centre. This is for school age mothers and mothers to be and their babies. This is situated in Balby. 
  • The Hospital School, which caters for children who are in hospital. This is situated in the Women and Children’s hospital at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. 
  • Link education centre, which caters for children who are too ill to attend mainstream but are not in hospital. This is situated in Balby. 
  • Home tuition, this is for pupils who are too ill for mainstream or Link and need to be educated at home.

The Centre aims to help pupils prepare for return to mainstream school or for the requirements of the adult world.

T: 01302 572796
E: admin@maple.doncaster.sch.uk
W: Maple Medical

The Levett School

The Levett School is a Pupil Referral Unit that provides short and long term provision for pupils who require additional support for their behaviour. The centre is a through PRU and caters for pupils from Reception to year 9 with the aim of returning pupils back to mainstream education.

Lower School
A: Melton Road, Sprotbrough, DN5 7SB 
T: 01302 390761 (option 1) / 01302 391007
E: admin@levett.doncaster.sch.uk

Upper School
A: Barnby Dun Road, Doncaster, DN2 4RG 
T: 01302 390761 (option 2)
E: admin@levett.doncaster.sch.uk

Doncaster's Approved Providers

St Wilfrid's Academy

St Wilfrid’s Academy is an alternative provision school that supports students from Delta Academies and Doncaster Local Authority schools across Key stage 1 to 4.

T: 01302 562540 
W: www.stwilfridsacademy.org.uk/ 

Providers on Doncaster's Alternative Provision (AP) Framework

Big Picture Doncaster

Big Picture Doncaster offers placements to young people in years 7 and 8 that may have difficulty engaging with mainstream education. We work with the learner, parents and their school to put together a bespoke learning plan based around the interests and needs of each child. These plans then give the structure to the placement which will normally run for twelve weeks, and up to eighteen in certain circumstances. During their placement learners work towards specific individual targets, that enable them to feel successful in education, and build the self esteem and confidence needed to achieve when they return full time to their mainstream school. Over three days each week learners will spend time with us at our site in Bentley, as well as being supported through our online learning platform


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