Don’t miss out on your dream job by not being in school

Attend school every day from 4th February - 15th February and then again after half term 18th - 28th February and be in with a chance to WIN BIG!

School. Be in it to win it!

Obtain 100% attendance over the dates mentioned above to be in with the chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 pair of Little Mix tickets
  • 1 pair of George Ezra tickets
  • 1 pair of Olly Murrs tickets
  • 1 pair of WWE tickets
  • 1 pair of Harlem Globetrotter tickets
  • 1 iPad Mini
  • 2 family passes to see the Sheffield Steelers
  • 10 pairs of tickets for a swimming session at The Dome
  • 10 pairs of tickets for an Ice Skating session at The Dome
  • 5 family passes of 4 for Bowling at Adwick Leisure Centre

Don’t miss out on your dream job by not attending school regularly, be who you always wanted to be by getting a good education. If you are missing days from school, you miss out on other aspects of school life such as friendship groups and life skills. If you have not attended school regularly you have less chance of getting the job they always dreamed of.

The serious bit…

All children of compulsory school age (5-16) must receive a full time education.

The school leaving date is the last Friday in June, in the school year in which the young person reaches their sixteenth birthday.

  • Parents/carers are legally responsible for making sure you receive your education.
  • Your parent/carer is responsible for ensuring that you attend school regularly and must have advised the school of the reason for any absence.
  • If you do not go to school and there is no acceptable reason, the school may decide not to authorise your absence.
  • When poor attendance at school becomes a concern, the Local Authority may decide to take legal action against your parents/carers
If you would like to talk to someone about your attendance for help or advice please speak to your teacher, education welfare officer or call us at the council to see how we can help you to improve your attendance and achieve BIG!

If there are other issues which are affecting your attendance and you do not feel comfortable speaking to your school please see the following links for further help:

Young carers


Terms and conditions. For pupils to be included in the draw to win prizes.  It has been agreed that for pupils who are on a part time timetable during this period can also be included if they have attended 100% of the sessions they are expected to attend.  It has also been agreed that where a pupil has a known medical condition requiring hospital appointments that are not in the control of parents/carers, they too can be included in the draw provided school have received evidence of the appointment. If any known young carers require time off during this period due to their responsibilities and is pre agreed with the school this will not prevent them being part of the draw. This will not include any pupil who has a medical recorded for anything other than an appointment to see a consultant due to an ongoing known medical condition.  The draw will take place in the final week of this term.

Last updated: 27 February 2019 15:38:10