Director of Public Health letter to schools - 18 June 2020

The following letter has been sent to headteachers of schools across Doncaster.

Dear Headteacher

I know many of you have welcomed more children back into school over the past week and I hope that this has gone well. For those of you opening your doors to new cohorts next week then I would like to wish you good luck (not that you will need it with all the meticulous planning).

Last month I committed to writing to you on a weekly basis to provide you with the latest local updates, however with the recommendations around school reopenings now finalised and with the local picture not changing dramatically on a weekly basis I would like to suggest that we review the frequency.

I will obviously write to you with guidance or advice on any national guidance updates or if there are any significant changes in the local picture, but I suggest for now you contact me directly if there are any specific questions you need answering.

To give you an update on the current picture in Doncaster. This week we have seen the number of admissions into hospital fall in line with the average we would expect to see at this time of year. This is very welcome news.

The detail and breadth of data that I have access to is continuing to improve also, which is extremely helpful with our local response.

According to the nationally available data, which you can access yourselves on, there have been 28 new cases across Doncaster in the past week. The more detailed Test and Trace data is showing a total of 94, which is a drop in the number reported by Test and Trace last week.

I am also reliably informed that 90% of cases are now being followed up through the national Test and Trace system, which again is an improved picture on last week.

Everything is heading in the right direction but it is a very slow and gradual recovery phase that needs all of our support. Continuing with the key interventions of regular handwashing and physical distancing at the 2 metre rule will be vital to ensure that the numbers continue in a downward direction.

I will be in contact with any significant updates, and can assure that should any of your schools be directly impacted by any local outbreaks you will be informed in a timely matter.

If you do have any concerns or questions, then I am happy for you to send them to me directly at

Once again, I would like to thank you for your continued support and commitment to a Doncaster-specific approach and for the amazing job you all continue to do for families across Doncaster.

Kind regards,
Dr Rupert Suckling,
Director of Public Health Doncaster

Last updated: 18 June 2020 14:00:39