Bader Academy

Bader Academy is a planned 100-place school that will serve the whole of the Doncaster borough, dedicated to students aged between 5 and 19 with communication and interaction needs. FAQs related to the new school can be found below.

Bader Academy will welcome young people aged 5-19 from across Doncaster, with the construction of the facility starting in the coming months, subject to final approval from the Environmental Agency. The newly built school will be located on land adjacent to Hungerhill School in Edenthorpe, and will be run by Nexus Multi-Academy Trust.

The school’s curriculum will be specially designed for children with communication and interaction needs (high functioning Autism), enabling them to thrive and gain the skills and knowledge they need to progress into positive further or higher education, training and employment. It will nurture the development of children’s communication and interaction skills in a different environment to that of a traditional classroom, with smaller class sizes and a personalised curriculum.

Nexus Multi-Academy Trust, who will be running the school now have a dedicated website for Bader Academy at - there are also some FAQs about the school below: 


Where will Bader Academy be located?

Bader Academy is currently being built n Edenthorpe, on the land that is on the corner of Doncaster Road and Hungerhill Lane and situated behind Hungerhill School.

Who will run Bader Academy

The Bader Academy will be run by Nexus Multi-Academy Trust. Nexus have notable experience in running specialist provision and currently have four special academies in Rotherham and a Primary School joining them in May. To find out more about Nexus Multi-Academy Trust, you can visit their website or download a copy of their prospectus.

Who will attend Bader Academy

The school will provide 100 places for students with communication and interaction needs from the age of 5 to 19. These students have the potential to lead independent lives but their ability to achieve educationally is stifled within mainstream provision.

Why is Bader Academy needed?

We currently have a number of children and young people with communication and interaction needs who are unable to access mainstream or specialist education within Doncaster. The new school will offer a bespoke curriculum designed specifically for children and young people with communication and interaction needs, enabling them to thrive and gain skills and knowledge needed to progress into positive further or higher education, training  or employment. The school will nurture the development of children and young people’s communication interaction skills in a different environment to that of a my traditional school, with smaller class sizes and a more personalised curriculum.

What is the catchment area of Bader Academy?

Given the specialist nature of the school, the catchment area is borough wide.

Will the construction of the school and then the students attending the school increase traffic in the local area?

During construction, the site is far enough from the main road that we do not anticipate the need to close roads or divert traffic as all construction related traffic will be able to use a service road, connected to the roundabout, to access the site. As these students will be on the high functioning end of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, we anticipate that they will be able to travel independently. Therefore, we do not expect a notable change to the number of vehicles currently on the roads around the proposed school.

Will facilities within the school be made available for community use?

They will be made available. Once the school is established Nexus Multi-Academy Trust will outline what facilities are available for community use and how they can be accessed.

How can I enquire about a place for my child?

Places at this school are allocated through Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). If your child currently has one of these and you feel they would benefit from the provision we would suggest you contact your SEND Co-ordinator within the council.

Who do I speak to if I want more information?

If you would like more information about the Bader Academy, you can contact Emma Heyes from Nexus Multi-Academy Trust via email on
Last updated: 30 June 2020 18:18:38