Adams Ark - essential information

Facilities on board:

Equipment available for users:

  • self-catering, although crockery and cutlery are provided
  • the kitchen is fully equipped but does not include a microwave
  • there is a large fridge and enough kitchen utensils for groups to use
  • a shower and toilet are provided
  • buoyancy aids 
  • first aid kit 
  • compact disc player

On residential cruises, the maximum number of users is 11 plus Skipper, therefore 12.

Notes about Adams Ark

  • personal Insurance, e.g. theft of personal belongings must be taken out by Users
  • users require sleeping bags, and extra clothing in colder weather  
  • there is marina-based parking for mini-buses/cars
  • our sleeping accommodation can sleep 8 in the salon, and 4 in the cabin
  • users must include the Skipper in catering and sleeping arrangements
  • the barge is ideal for residentials with small groups, and is available for use by all types of community groups  
  • all Skippers are volunteers and have completed the National Community Boats Association Skipper’s course. We have a limited number of female Skippers for female only groups.

Conditions of use

A. Hirers

  • A1. It is a condition of Charter that groups of young people are led by bona-fide leaders - (21 years old plus).
  • A2. The Hirers have certain responsibilities for the well-being of the Skipper who will live on board with the ‘Crew’ and the Hirer must provide his\her meals.
  • A3. At a reasonable time prior to the commencing date for the booking, the Operators will send the Hirer their Joining Instructions, these will include the request that if reasonably possible the Hirer will pick up and return the Skipper to and from their home to the Marina.
  • A4. Hirers are expected to make telephone contact with their Skippers as part of the process of socialisation and sharing of objectives for the success of the cruise.
  • A5. A mobile telephone is available for emergency use only.

B. Leader

  • B1. The bona-fide Group Leader is responsible for the programme planning and for the behaviour of the members of the group. They shall also act as ‘Mate’ to the Skipper.
  • B2. The Leader will need to divide their group into ‘Watches’, the members of which shall, on a daily rota, undertake the following duties:-
  • a. Assist the Skipper to sail the vessel and when not operated by British Waterways staff, to self-operate locks and swing bridges, etc.
  • b. Prepare and cook food and also clean the vessel, both inside and outside.

C. Safety and insurance

  • C1. Users engaged in programme Projects requiring lightweight camping equipment whilst away from the boat may only store gas canisters, bottles of methylated spirits and fireburners, etc., above deck subject to the approval of the Skipper.
  • C2. Buoyancy aids are provided and should always be worn by young people and non-swimmers. All Users should wear buoyancy aids on commercial canals and when working locks.
  • C3. Every care should be taken when ‘working locks’ and swing bridges. Many thousands of gallons of water under pressure in locks cause considerable turbulence and would endanger the life of anyone who fell into the water. Equally dangerous are the mechanical movements on lock-gates and swing-bridges.
  • C4. An added consideration when using some swing-bridges is the use made of them by road users. It is often necessary to stop vehicular traffic.
  • C5. Although a First Aid Kit is provided, it must be noted that Group Leaders are responsible for providing a qualified First Aider.

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