Renewable Energy

The Local Plan will include policy used to determine applications for renewable energy developments.

The following is part of the wider evidence base for the Local Plan.

Wind Energy Development Background Paper

Like many other areas of the UK Doncaster has seen increasing pressure over recent years for on-shore wind energy developments and wind turbines as an important source of renewable energy. This background paper sets out the background and evidence base used to inform the draft Local Plan Wind Energy Developments policy (policy 60) and the associated Area of Search for Wind Energy. The proposed Area of Search identifies an area which is potentially suitable for wind energy development, subject to proposals meeting the policy criteria of draft policy 60 and any other relevant Local Plan policies.

Wind Energy Development Policy - Background Paper
Download (2.91MB - PDF)

Doncaster Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Study 2012

This evidence base document assesses the potential for various forms of low carbon and renewable energy in Doncaster. It has informed the development of Local Plan policy 59 Low Carbon and Renewable Energy and 60 Wind Energy Developments (refer to separate Wind Energy Development Background Paper evidence base document). The study also explains the rationale behind the Heat Opportunity Areas shown on the proposals map and promoted under policy 59.

Download (11MB - PDF)

Further information:

Further information about Doncasters planning policies can be found at Our Plans.


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