Sustainable construction

There is a pressing need for the built environment to become more environmentally friendly.

Core Strategy policy CS14 requires new development be designed to adapt to a changing climate whilst helping reduce the causes of climate change, by using energy, water and materials in the most efficient way as possible. In order to help achieve this CS14 sets the following minimum standards:

  • all new non-domestic buildings must meet the BREEAM rating of at least ‘Very Good’
  • all new major non-domestic developments must secure at least 10% of their total regulated energy from decentralised and renewable or low carbon sources, or achieve equal carbon savings through improvements to the fabric efficiency of the buildings

Using these nationally recognised standards as design benchmarks provides a flexible way for proposals to reduce their environmental impact. Due to their heritage value and distinctive construction, historic buildings might require creative solutions in improving their thermal efficiency up to a point where their special interest is harmed.

  • Major developments will be required to submit formal code/BREEAM pre-assessments at application stage and certificates to demonstrate compliance.
  • Minor developments will need to submit a statement describing what measures they will include in their proposals with reference to the council’s sustainable construction guidance notes (see below). 

Conditions will be attached to any planning permission to ensure these standards are met, so it is advisable to consider these design requirements at an early design stage to avoid expensive changes or delays later down the line.

Information required

The flow charts below set out what information is required at what stage in the planning process and include the draft conditions which will be attached to any permission.

Process flow chart
Download (758KB)
Non-residential Sustainable Construction Guidance Note
Download (3.05MB)

For further information regarding BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes (including a list of accredited assessors) visit BREEAMs website

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