Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) (including Strategic Environmental Assessment) assesses the significant environmental, social and economic effects of the Local Plan, the "reasonable" alternatives to the Plan's strategy, policies and proposals; and the reasons for discounting alternatives. Mitigation is proposed to avoid, minimise and compensate for negative effects and to maximise positive effects.

Sustainability Appraisal is also an integral part of the Council's site selection process for identifying new sites for housing, employment and minerals.

Sustainability Appraisal is undertaken at all stages of Local Plan production.

Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster Local Plan Publication Version (August 2019)

Appraisal of the policies contained within the Publication version of the Local plan, as well as the proposed sites for housing, for employment and for minerals, has been undertaken.

An independent overall Appraisal Report has been produced by Wood PLC and is available below:

Doncaster Local Plan Publication Version SA Report August 2019
Download (2.28MB - PDF)
Appendices A-K
Download (5.52MB - PDF)
Appendix L
Download (3.18MB - PDF)
Appendix M
Download (4.94MB - PDF)
Appendix N
Download (3.8MB - PDF)
Appendices O-S
Download (3.9MB - PDF)

The Sustainability Appraisal process itself does not allocate sites, rather it is another part of the evidence to inform the overall site selection process as set out in the Site Selection Methodologies. The Scoping Report identified a framework for assessing the likely significant effects of the plan based on 14 sustainability objectives (several also containing a number of sub-objectives) and a number of guide questions for how the objective will be achieved. Many of the Sustainability Appraisal site test criteria are common for housing, employment and minerals; however some are specific to their respective land uses.

The criteria based on objective map based tests are shown on the SA interactive map.

The appraisal criteria which have been applied but are not map based have their own methodologies and assessment and are available to view below.

Highways Capacity – Housing and Employment site options have been assessed by Highways England for their impact on the strategic road network and can be viewed below which sets out all the correspondence and assessment findings.

Sites SA - Technical Appendix - Criteria 8B(i) - Highways Capacity
Download (2.33MB - PDF)

Primary & Secondary Education Capacity – Housing site options have been assessed by Doncaster Council's School Admissions Team to identify which school catchment each housing site option falls into followed by a conclusion of the capacity of that primary and secondary school pyramid. The conclusions of this assessment are available to view below. 

Sites SA - Technical Appendix - Criteria 8Biii 8Bvi - Primary Secondary Education Capacity
Download (267KB - PDF)

Built Heritage Impact Assessment – Housing, employment and minerals options have been assessed by Doncaster Council’s Conservation Team in line with Historic England’s best practice guidance. The assessment identifies the significance of any heritage assets affected by the allocation, assesses whether allocation might lead to potential harm (or benefit) to this heritage significance, and how any harm could be reduced or mitigated. The Assessment is available to view below.

Heritage Impact Assessment - Methodology and Assessment of Sites
Download (717KB - PDF)
Appendix 1 part 1 Introduction, all no impact site assessments, and Individual assessments for SOME IMPACT sites 008 to 220
Download (6.77MB - PDF)
Appendix 1 part 2 Individual assessments for SOME IMPACT sites 221 to 440
Download (5.89MB - PDF)
Appendix 1 part 3 Individual assessments for SOME IMPACT sites 452 to 955
Download (5.42MB - PDF)
Appendix 1 part 4 Individual assessments for SOME IMPACT sites 961 to 1110
Download (5.89MB - PDF)
Appendix 1 part 5 Individual assessments for Minerals Areas of search - all
Download (3.49MB - PDF)

Archaeology Scoping Report – ArcHeritage have been commissioned to undertake a scoping study of site options for housing, employment and minerals to identify major constraints, such as the presence of statutorily designated archaeological sites, significant non-designated archaeological sites and important historic landscapes. The report covers any site put forward during the course of the plan. Some of these sites have since been discarded, renamed, or may have radically amended boundaries. The Scoping Report is available to view below:

Archaeology Scoping study of Site Allocations for Doncaster Local Plan
Download (4.44MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 001-049
Download (4.52MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 051-097
Download (4.07MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 101-149
Download (4.85MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 150-198
Download (4.63MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 201-248
Download (5.79MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 250-299
Download (5.48MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 302-349
Download (4.06MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 350-399
Download (5.75MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 400-439
Download (6.8MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 440-495
Download (4.91MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 501-588
Download (5.02MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 601-696
Download (6.25MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 702-748
Download (4.83MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 753-799
Download (4.62MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 800-838
Download (5.66MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 843-897
Download (5.42MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 901-949
Download (4.53MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 950-999
Download (3.42MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 1000-1049
Download (7.24MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 1051-1099
Download (8.1MB - PDF)
Appendix - Sites 1100-1122
Download (2.58MB - PDF)

Sustainability Appraisal of Draft Policies and Proposed Sites Consultation (June 2018)

Appraisal of Draft Polices, proposed sites for housing, for employment and for minerals has been undertaken.

An independent overall Appraisal Report has been produced by Wood PLC and is available below.

Interim SA Report - Report
Download (4.03MB - PDF)
Interim SA Report - Volume 2 (part 1 - Appendices A-F)
Download (5.51MB - PDF)
Interim SA Report - Volume 2 (part 2 - Appendices G-J)
Download (2.78MB - PDF)
Interim SA Report - volume 3 (part 1 - Appendices K-L)
Download (4.14MB - PDF)
Interim SA Report - volume 3 (part 2 - Appendix M)
Download (5.76MB - PDF)
Interim SA Report - volume 3 (part 3 - Appendix N)
Download (3.93MB - PDF)
Interim SA Report - volume 3 (part 4 - Appendices O-R)
Download (4.77MB - PDF)

 Sustainability Appraisal of Homes and Settlements Consultation (July 2015)

Appraisal was undertaken to re-assess the advantages and disadvantages of the potential growth options consulted on in July 2015 but concentrating on the 3 options considered as the more realistic. The appraisal also assessed the Homes and Settlements paper. This was accompanied by an updated Scoping Report.

Sustainability Appraisal of Doncasters Growth Options Report
Download (2.6MB - PDF)
Sustainability Appraisal of Doncasters Growth Options Consultation Summaries
Download (17KB - XLSX)

Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster's Issues and Options (July 2015)

Appraisal of 6 potential growth options for where to locate growth in the Borough consulted on in July 2015.

Sustainability Appraisal of Doncaster's Growth Options
Download (1.24MB - PDF)

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Sets out the approach used to predict, appraise and monitor the effects of the Local Plan. It also summarises the main issues and challenges facing the borough and includes a review of relevant plans and programmes that will inform preparation of the Local Plan. The original Scoping Report was published in July 2015 with regular updates since then in March 2016, August 2018 and now June 2019 as per the document below:

SA Scoping Report - Updated June 2019
Download (4.26MB - PDF)
Further information:

Further information about Doncasters planning policies can be found at Our Plans.


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