Small Sites and Settlement Boundary Review

Work has been undertaken to identify potential amendments to settlement boundaries in the borough:

The following is part of the wider evidence base for the Local Plan.

Identifying Development Limits

The Small Sites and Settlement Boundary Review proposes a methodology for assessing the development limits of settlements which fall within the east of the borough and are surrounded by countryside. This methodology has been used to inform the creation of development limits for the Local Plan for sites in the Countryside, which determines the point at where built up areas where development may be more supported ends and the countryside, where development will be more restricted starts.

This report reassesses and supersedes the Small Sites Settlement Boundary Review, which was published in 2017 to assess sites which are too small to be considered for allocation and decide whether these should be incorporated into their respective settlement limits, or not. Small sites which are in the countryside are reassessed as part of this report, for small sites within the Green Belt, please refer to the Green Belt Topic Paper.

Identifying Development Limits
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