Settlement Audits and Profiles

As part of the preparation for the Local Plan, it is necessary to form a settlement hierarchy, on which the development strategy will be based. This will inform the location of housing and employment sites, as well as other development.

The following is part of the wider evidence base for the Local Plan.

There are a number of documents which have informed this process:

Housing Background and Strategy

This report explains the proposed Housing Strategy for the Borough and how this has evolved through the Local Plan process. It looks at how the housing requirement and the proposed settlement strategy for the Local Plan has been decided, and acts as a pre-curser to the Site Selection Methodology. This document builds on the Housing section of the 2018 settlement background paper.

Doncaster Housing Background and Strategy
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Settlement Background Paper – 2018

This paper, which supports the 2018 informal Local Plan consultation, explains how the Local Plan’s housing, employment and retail strategies have been developed, and how the make-up of the Borough and previous consultations have shaped and directed decisions made. It particularly supports draft Policy 2 (Spatial Strategy and Settlement Hierarchy) and Policy 3 (Level and Distribution of Growth).

For housing and employment, this paper also acts as a precursor to the Site Selection Methodology Paper.  It explains the background work undertaken to decide the spatial distribution of sites. The actual allocation of sites, informed by the work explained in this paper is detailed in the Site Selection Methodology.

For retail, the paper reflects the existing spatial distribution of retail uses and types across the borough, and how this ties in to housing and employment distribution, although the Local Plan will not be allocating new sites for retail uses.

Settlement Background Paper
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Settlement Profiles - 2018

In response to consultation feedback that the Settlement Audit could be expanded on to better understand what services have been recorded in each settlement, Settlement Profiles have been developed to aid understanding of the Settlement Audit. This document provides portraits of each defined settlement in the borough, expanding on and clarifying information in the Settlement Audit.

Settlement Profiles
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Settlement Audit update – Feb 2017

The Settlement Audit was undertaken in December 2014, and published in 2015. A revised version was published in February 2017 to correct some factual anomalies. The purpose of the Settlement Audit is to establish what services exist in which settlements across the borough. This forms the basis of understanding where the most sustainable places to locate development may be.

The Settlement Audit is a fact based document based on evidence that was available at the time the assessment was undertaken. It does not make decisions about where development should go, rather it informs the thinking on this.

Settlement Audit update - Feb 2017
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Further information:

Further information about Doncasters planning policies can be found at Our Plans.


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