PQF - Planning Quality Framework

The Council has signed up to a Government backed initiative, this being the Planning Quality Framework. This framework requires the Local Planning Authority to make a commitment to ensure we are delivering a quality, value for money service and ensuring that we are delivering what our customers want. The Council will contact our Planning customers asking your opinion about our service. Within the survey you will have the option to opt out of that survey and any future surveys.

What is PQF - Planning Quality Framework?

It is a collection of tools and techniques to help councils understand how their Development Management Service is performing. It focuses on things that matter to the customer. It uses real time data about planning applications and survey information provided by people who use the planning process.

Who are our Customers?

Customers Surveys will be sent to our customers outlined below -

Applicants – members of the public that have made a planning application

Agents - a professional person or company making a planning application

Neighbours – a person/organisation that has commented on an application

Why should I bother?

No one likes doing surveys, however, we genuinely feel this survey is important and your feedback will assist us in improving our services. 

What will we do with the information?

Results will be shared on this webpage in the form of graphs, charts etc

Internal working groups will be set up to assess the results of the surveys and action plans will be created if required. The results will be used as a tool to see how well our customers think we are doing, asking the questions - Where our customers kept informed about the application? Was information easily obtained? It will also highlight areas of concern for us to work on to improve our service. The surveys will help us to deliver what our customers care about.

Results of Surveys

Annual Planning Performance Report 2018-19
Download (1.07MB - PDF)
Annual Planning Performance Report 2017-18
Download (891KB - PDF)
Annual Planning Performance Report 2016-17
Download (812KB)
Annual Planning Performance Report 2015-16
Download (866KB)
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