Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

The Doncaster Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) is an early stage of the evidence base for the new Doncaster Local Plan. It includes information on a large initial pool of sites and whether they could be developed. Further assessment is required on their suitability before any site is included in the Local Plan.

The following is part of the wider evidence base for the Local Plan.

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

The Doncaster Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) is part of our evidence to inform the selection of Housing and Employment Allocations in the new Local Plan and to provide the basis for demonstrating the on-going 5-year housing land supply position. It is required by national guidance and includes sites that we received in our "call for sites" that took place at the end of 2014 and also includes sites with planning permission. The assessment was undertaken by stakeholder groups. The document sets out who was involved in the HELAA and how assessment took place.

The purpose of this Assessment is to identify a pool of sites from which the Local Plan can select and which are suitable, available and achievable for housing or economic development uses over the plan period. This approach ensures that all land is assessed together as part of plan preparation to identify which sites or broad locations are the most suitable and deliverable for a particular use.

It should be noted that HELAA is a survey of existing and potential development sites without taking account of where the Council would prefer to see new development take place. It identifies the capacity of places in the Borough to accommodate growth but it does not allocate sites which is a matter for the Doncaster Local Plan. Also the inclusion of a site within the HELAA, and any evidence relating to it, does not imply that planning permission would be granted as many of the sites assessed will be contrary to current development plan policy and might only be considered appropriate for permission if and when they are allocated in the new Local Plan.

The assessment shows that there is a sufficient supply of land that could be developed to meet the Borough's housing and employment needs for the plan period. The Council published its first HELAA as part of the evidence base for the emerging Local Plan in 2016 (base date of the Assessment being April 2015) with subsequent updates on an annual basis. The latest update (published July 2019 but with an April 2018 base date) is available to view and download below. The original HELAA report and methodology, as well as the annual updates, are also still available towards the bottom of this page for reference. 

HELAA Update 2018

HELAA Update Report 2018
Download (1.1MB - PDF)
Doncaster HELAA update 2017-18 - Housing Sites
Download (352KB - XLSX)
Doncaster HELAA update 2017-18 - Employment Sites
Download (76KB - XLSX)

All of the sites included in the 2018 update assessment are available to view via the following interactive maps; please note some sites are being proposed for multiple uses so may feature on both maps:

Housing Sites Map

Economic Development Sites Map

Previous HELAA Reports and Updates

HELAA 2015:

HELAA Main Report (April 2015)
Download (3.98MB)
Housing Sites Assessment Spreadsheet
Download (329KB)
Economic Development Land Sites Assessment Spreadsheet
Download (76KB)

HELAA - Housing Update 2016:

Doncaster HELAA update 2015-16
Download (355KB - XLSX)

HELAA Update 2017:

Doncaster HELAA Update Report 2017
Download (2.42MB - PDF)
Doncaster HELAA Update 2017 - Housing
Download (320KB)
Doncaster HELAA Update 2017 - Employment
Download (1.58MB)

Further information:

Further information about Doncasters planning policies can be found at Our Plans.



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