Green space documents

The Green Space documents provide information on the location, coverage and provision of green spaces in Doncaster, they also assess the UDP policies which apply to green spaces.

The following is part of the wider evidence base for the Local Plan.

Local Green Space

Local Green Space is a designation identified in the National Planning Policy Framework which allows for the designation of 'special protection green areas' in a Local Plan or Neighbourhood Plan.

This document sets out the criteria the council has used to assess representations submitted to us for their suitability as a Local Green Space in the Local Plan, and explains which sites are being allocated as Local Green Space in the Local Plan.

Local Green Space - Methodology and Sites
Download (1.8MB - PDF)

Green Space Audit

The Green Space Audit provides information on the location, coverage and provision of green spaces in Doncaster.

Part 1 - Audit
Download (544KB)

The location of the green space shown in the audit can be viewed on the Open Space map

Community Profile Analysis - (Alphabetically by community profile area) - this shows the current level of provision for each area for different types of green space (including formal sports pitches, informal children's play spaces, allotments, woodlands and nature conservation areas)

Part 2 - Community Profile Analysis
Download (761KB)

Community Profile Maps:

Maps 1 - Adwick le street to Barnby Dun
Download (6.39MB)
Maps 2 - Bawtry to Branton
Download (5.87MB)
Maps 3 - Brodsworth & Pickburn to Cusworth
Download (7.24MB)
Maps 4 - Denaby Main to Harlington
Download (6.41MB)
Maps 5 - Hatfield Prison to Hyde Park
Download (6.51MB)
Maps 6 - Intake to Moss
Download (6.4MB)
Maps 7 - New Rossington to Scawthorpe
Download (5.84MB)
Maps 8 - Skellow to Toll Bar & Almholme
Download (6.35MB)
Maps 9 - Town Centre to York Road
Download (6.11MB)

Assessment of previous policy areas

Analysis has been carried out on the Green Space policies in the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) in order to identify whether the policies and the sites they designate should be retained as part of emerging planning policies.

Policy RL1 showed open space policy areas.

Analysis of UDP Open Space Policy Areas (RL1)
Download (7.39MB - PDF)

Policy RL5 dealt with site specific allocations and improvements of open spaces.

Analysis of UDP RL5 Open Space Proposals - 2019 Update
Download (4.94MB - PDF)

Further information:

Further information about Doncasters planning policies can be found at Our Plans.


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