Green infrastructure strategy

Green infrastructure is a network of multi-purpose spaces that provide the opportunity for the co-ordination and delivery of environmental improvements, to support investment and improve quality of life.

A successful network helps to create a safe and accessible environment, mitigate climate change, reduce traffic noise and exhaust pollution, provide opportunities for sport and recreation, and protect and enhance our historic and natural environment.

The Doncaster Green Infrastructure Strategy 2014 - 2028: Creating a Greener, Healthier and more Attractive Borough

This important strategy sets out our overall approach for delivering an integrated network of high quality green spaces, habitats, and landscapes across the borough. The Strategy combines a number of other strategies the Council needs to have, such as a Green Space Strategy and Tree Strategy, into a single overarching framework for the Borough’s green infrastructure provision. This ensures an integrated approach and will help improve collaboration, coordination and joint working between internal and external partners. Just as importantly, it will help ensure funding opportunities are maximised. The Strategy is the culmination of extensive preparation and public consultation. The Strategy has been prepared by a Doncaster Council cross directorate working group and a range of key stakeholders have been engaged at various stages to inform both the initial consultation version, and the adoption version of the Strategy.

A first draft of the Doncaster Green Infrastructure Strategy was consulted on for six weeks between November 2013 and January 2014. The consultation feedback has been collated and summarised as part of a separate Consultation Summary Report available to download below.

Green Infrastructure Strategy Consultation Summary Report
Download (625KB)

The Strategy has been revised and amended accordingly in light of the consultation feedback and Members of Cabinet adopted the Strategy on 30 April 2014. The Adoption Version of the Green Infrastructure Strategy can be downloaded below:

Doncaster Green Infrastructure Strategy
Download (3.93MB)

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